Modern Family this week

Did nobody watch it this week?
Just watched my recorded episode tonight and can't believe the "big game" on TV.


I didn’t watch it this past week, but the use of CFL footage for in-show football games on Modern Family and other American programs has been discussed here before. I think the consensus is that it is probably cheaper for the producers than buying the rights to NCAA or NFL footage. Now if the characters actually acknowledged the real identities of the teams, then we have a whole new kettle of fish…


or they could have been watching NBCSN

Safetyblitz is right - its all about rights. Any scripted TV show or movie has to get approval from the NFL, MLB, NBA etc and pay for those rights if one of their games is going to be shown playing in the background on TV.

And who could forget the most famous use of CFL footage?

2 questions here…#1…what t.v. show or movie is this footage from???
#2…what team’s jersey is that on Calvillo??? It’s not a Posse uni,and definetly not Al’s or Cats,never seen that logo before,is it CG???

It’s from the movie “Sum of All Fears”, a Tom Clancy movie where Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) saves the world yet again. It is supposed to be the Superbowl, but in fact was Montreal vs. Toronto, played in Baltimore. The two teams wore special uniforms for that game in order to hide their identities, and possibly to appear more “NFL-ish”.

There was at least one scene with a close-up of Calvillo’s face. Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could find on the web of the game.

The Sum of All Fears football scenes were actually shot at Montreal's Olympic Stadium and in the movie they referred to it as the 'Baltimore Forum'. You can clearly recognize it as the Big O in this clip.

I couldn’t “clearly” recognize it as Olympic Stadium but the following wikipedia page confirms your assumption:

Anyone know how to correct information in IMDB? That’s where I got the Baltimore location.


IMDB is correct. It says that the scene takes place in Baltimore, which it did (as TPB said, at “the Baltimore Forum”).
Olympic Stadium is mentioned in the filming locations section.

Also, Ticat-A*%o footage here:

[url]- YouTube

Double :oops: . I just misread it.

To make it just that more confusing, in the book the game took place in Denver. At the “Skydome”. :smiley: