Congrates to's first three fan moderators!

Third and Ten

They will be assiting in making sure that our forum is a fan friendly place to exchange ideas and partake in lively discussion.

More indiviudals will be contacted in the near future.


Congrats. It's good to have some moderators aboard to delete hate-threads like we saw last week. Merging thread is a good idea too, Esk32001.

3 good choices ! Good luck gents !

I second that opinion. Congrats guys

Thank you guys. I must say I was really surprised to know this moderator's job came with a 1000$ monthly wage.

Just kidding... In fact WE had to pay to get that title.

Just kidding a little more...

By the way, I don't think we are empowered enough to merge threads. But that is a good thing, because if too many people could do that, then this forum could become hard to follow. Let's leave that to CFLpm and Kahluaz.

T&T, you're sense of humour has deterioriated since you became a moderator. It must be all the pressures of being a moderator.

BTW, You should get the programmers to put a little crown icon above your names so that we can tell you are moderator, Sir T&T.

Unfortuantrly our dear Kahluaz has left to pursue a new career path..we will be joined in about 2 weeks by another admin and editor.



What Was It That Got Those Three Spots, I'm Not Saying That They Didn't Deserve It, I Think They'll Do A Wonderful Job, But I Can Think Of A Few Others That Are Just As Deserving Such As Big Dave (He Is By Far The Most Knowledgeable) And Kanga Has The Most Posts. I Think It Should Be Up To The Users Of The Forum, We Could Have A Big Elimination Tournament Kinda Like Survivor,

Out Play, Outwitt, Out-type

I vote you off.


Not A Survivor Fan Stati?

Nice going guys.
I hope I'm next.

agreed.......right on!

Hah - just kidding around ... And no - i'm not much of a Survivor fan. I watch CFL & NFL religously. NHL when it returns (unless they muck-up all the rules) ... And whatever other spot is on in HDTV at the time ... For some reason, I also watch American Idol .... Tho, my HDTV excuse for watching American Idol is wearing pretty thin with my boys ...

Ah - and while i''m at it .. Congrats to the moderators ... FOREWARNING - never mod my posts ...


I have to admit I watch American Idol because it does look great on HDTV
Actually anything on Fox hdtv is great, Nascar is incredable


ro1313 has been added as a mod....


welcome to the mod squad ro1313

Two Als fans, an Esks fan, and a Stamps fan.

Hopefully you don't use you powers to delete all the rider posts when we kick your butts. But hopefully you do use your power to delete some of the rider posts that give us a bad name (SK1989).

looks like i'm off the mod squad.....for now

why are you off?

What happened