Moderators--How about defending the critics?

I've been reading this site and I can't believe the personal attacks that have been directed at those who have the audacity to criticize a 0 and 5 team.

There seems to be a club of members who believe this site belongs to them and anyone who disagrees with them or coach Taaffe is a "troll".

People are angry and expect things to change--rightly so! They should not be subjected to being called "trolls", "idiots", "morons", "fair-weather fans" etc...
If someone chooses to stay away from the game that is their business---it is supposed to be entertainment and as Bob said when he bought the team..."if fans stay away it is not their fault, it is ours". Staying at home next week doesn't make them a non-fan.

So defend the coaching, defend Maas, defend Management and every player on the team. Encourage people to go to the stadium.

But do it with a little class.

The same could be said for those criticizing. I've seen several of those fed up with what is happening calling the others 'idiots', 'morons', 'clueless'..

Its been going both ways with equal vigor

True--but it seems somehow to be considered admirable to call someone who criticizes our winless team a "troll" or an "idiot".
It shouldn't be accepted regardless of the motivation.

I fully agree with you Tommyboy. It shouldnt be acceptable in either case.


i have to agree with you tomboy,its these so called superfans on here who rate the credibility of your posts with your post ticker count.just because i have 2 post as opposed to 200,does that make it any less credible.A debate is great but a frustrated fan des not eed to be ridiculed.


Just kidding bunni!! :lol:


Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football club operate this discussion board? I am sure they are all for free speech and all that, but really, they can filter and delete whatever posts they want.

I am just saying ...

  • paul

They do --- and that is what I'm suggesting. No more name calling regardless of how many posts someone has on the "troll-o-meter"......

They can but they wisely don't. The personal insults are an exception

Welcome aboard bunny! safety first of course!
The moderators definately defend and protect the long time posters and ticat player and organization defenders. Posts are removed rapidly that call into question the ownership decisions or like last night, make a friendly challenge. We have all seen it and its sad that these mods make it so obvious. First person will say 'yawns' second person will say something like 'sighs' third person will say "dont you know dont feed the trolls". They then hijack the thread, start a fight, and the post is gone...zap. And the person who posted gets warned or banned for standing up for themselves when called idiot or troll or whatever. Good thing bunny is here to protect us all now!

My pleasure,you may think your're safe but its my job to make sure you're safe.