Moderator Nomination: MR. RO1313

I nominate RO1313 to be the moderator of the Als Forum.

If you support the nomination please post a reply and insert your post count

Post count: 39 000

We can tally them all up and then send it to Sully and Caretaker.

Happy Birthday RO! and thanks for volunteering to take the job back, it was the best-moderated era of this forum.

Below, words to live by, because several people here had very wrong impressions:

People who identify as fans of another team are not barred from posting opinions in a team forum area, even negative ones. The line is drawn at intentionally clowning and trash talk (ie. after their team wins and yours loses). That is the definition of trolling, not simple or even vehement disagreement.

What about calling members all kinds of names, insulting their intelligence, mocking them, and use of objectionable language?
Sully Sure, that should and would get addressed. As will the post and poster of "get out of here troll you're not even a fan of team X" for starting it.

Thanks for the Birthday wish and the nomination

...why would you post this here? and what is the purpose of this post?

That is correct. Given his recent posts below ro1313 seems to think that the "safe haven" rule accords Als' fans special status in the Als forum: haven!

Do you see Als fan in other team forums telling fans who they should hire....

Coming into a team forum and posting positive about someone who is not wanted on the team is not different than being negative towards someone who is liked on the team

Call it reverse trash talk

Ro1313 needs to understand that the safe haven rule only means that it's forbidden to taunt the Als or their fans in this forum. (Mind you since I'm first and foremost a CFL fan I don't like to see taunting in General either.) Otherwise all posters are to be accorded equal treatment under forum rules.


…again, stop hijacking the thread to press an agenda that has nothing to do with the thread…

It has everything to do with this thread.

Like DM it's a foregone conclusion he is now the mod, and I don't really care, I can live with that, but his previous behaviour was totally contrary to what Sully posted. He and I had a set to and AFAIC it's over but I just wanted to make clear Sully set the ground rules and he has to abide by them, not his wrongful impressions previously.

..disregarding your interpretation of what is on topic and what is not (and believe me you're wrong) you've managed to contradict yourself in the same sentence...bravo... it's either's not...what is it? Please let's get this out in the open so I can make some decisions of my own here...I'm growing increasingly tired of the behavior here in the past few days...

Maybe it’s just me, but the Als forum seemed just fine up until about a week or so ago prior to a few posters jumping on, with more often than not, points of view unrelated to the threads.

Sure would be nice to get back to that format. :wink:

Enlighten me, and BTW you’re the mod who called me a name for calling people names, something to the effect of “Hey Jerk don’t call people names.” So I hardly think you are the one to pronounce any fair judgments.

…I called you a jerk? don’t remember that, but it was probably true after seeing how you’ve conducted yourself here in this forum…

Sure it is, when they can get away with things others can’t when they have differing opinions.

You did, in the banner at the top and I had a good laugh at the hypocrisy of it. And your impartiality is above reproach. It's like people here want a one party system, one mindset, lets have a little mean girls' bitchfest.

The only mindset, if I may be hypocritical, is to cheer on the Als, I would think, but apparently I'm wrong.

...I honestly don't know what that you have the post where this was said?

It wasn’t a post it was your little love note to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying about it, I’m just saying treat people equally and not your buddies differently

Vachon said a vulgar thing, I don’t know if anything happened to him but HfxTFC said something equally vulgar and is still here and nobody said a word about it. “Oh it’s retaliation, I can do what I want.”

Ok, use your bosses rules as he set them forth above, not yours or the wrong impressions that were posted here previously. Sorry, you are increasingly tired of people who don't agree with you.

Is your shoulder sore? It must be, given the weight of the chip you carry on it.

Anyway, I suspect that changing from "in the banner at the top" to "your little love note" will be significantly less than helpful in identifying the post.

I think it’s time for some to let go of their agenda. It is a football forum afterall.

I also nominate RO to be moderator! My post count is 20,960, and I’ve been a member here for, what, over 15 years? Long enough that I don’t remember when I first joined. :smiley:

d&p nominated me, among others.

I announce my withdrawal from the race, and throw my support to ro1313.