Without proper moderation on this board, I'm strongly considering going elsewhere.

I just wanna discuss Ti-Cat football with a modicum of courtesy and respect.

Thank you.

All one needs to do is read through what was posted after this team was eliminated to understand what Kirk is saying.

I sometimes wonder how much more time I'll be spending here on these forums.

That is all that I have to say for now.

When I read the title of this thread I thought it had to do with eating or drinking too much.

What I always say is…“Everything in moderation…except beer and sex.”

sorry…just adding levity

yeah some of these cats fans are really sore losers and need to be punished

Brace yourself, Nick...your punishment is coming this sunday....

swaggin to the cup...and crying all the way back home....

I'm with you there Captain. :thup:

and by the end of the game, the BB’s new moniker will be Staggerville.

You guys make me laugh. The Bombers made it to the Grey Cup, The Tiger-Cats did not. They have every right to gloat. It doesn't matter if they get blown out next week by Arland and the boys (and they probably will). They made it to the Cup. Last year they were in last. They had an incredibly year and have lots to be optimistic about. We, on the other hand, are going the other way. Mark my words, we are going to be lucky to have 10,000 fans at next year's games.

I should have known by now that there is no grace in victory in Swaggerville.

If we only have 10,000 people at games in 2012 the last year of Old Ivor Wynne I would be shocked. I believe we will average
25-26000 per game at least because of the nostalgia and if the team is good the attendance will be even better. Here's hoping we can do what Winnipeg did yesterday and send the Old Stadium out with an Eastern Final Win and a week later take the Cup at the Roger's Centre!

I'll mark your words, and say that we'll have at least 10,000 fans....season ticket holders.

Don't want to rain on your parade but you might want to consider that when you go to another team's site you are a guest and should perhaps conduct yourself as such. Why not use the right place to talk thrash.

8) Agree with everything you say, "tcfan", except for the prediction of attendance for next year.
  With all these negative comments about Winnipeg's chances next week, it just reeks of sour grapes from TiCat fans !!

I'll ask our mods to review some of these forums, but I'll admit I have not reviewed recent posts. Mostly because I've learned over the last 8 years that Ticat fans are very passionate and they hate losing. These forums -always- become very negative places immediately after any loss. It is not surprising that the vitriol would have been ratcheted up a notch after we only score 3 points in the most important game we've played in the last ten years.

So for your own sanity, if you don't like reading very negative posts, don't read the forums until you've given your fellow Ticat fans a few days to cool off.

As above we'll keep moderating these forums to keep them an open and welcoming place. But our more immediate priority is to continue to improve as a football team so we (our fans and the organization) don't have to suffer disappointments as painful as Sunday's.

First off, I agree with those who replied to you on your attendance prediction for next season.

As for making you laugh, and those fans having a "right" to say what they say, I suggest that you refer to the following sections of the forum guidelines:

* Common sense - Just because it isn't explicitly stated as one of the rules below doesn't mean it's OK. Use common sense and good Netiquette when posting, replying and browsing these forums.


  • No personal attacks - These forums are not a place for you to take cheap shots at somebody because he/she did something. Do that some place else (or better yet, get over it). You have been warned. Personal attacks, threats, and just plain impolite posts will be removed and that user will be banned.

I don't like coming across as being a stickler when it comes to rules and guidelines, but there is some importance in enforcing them.

Thanks for posting that, Bob.

I can understand your reasons for not looking into that on your own. I'm sure that you have more important things to do, such as doing what you can to make this a better team and to prove critics of this team wrong.

And avoiding reading what is here shortly after a loss is something that I sometimes do. Perhaps I should have known what it would have been like here after that EDF loss. I haven't read a lot of what has been posted here in these past few days, and I do not plan on doing so. However, as long as this can be a place where we can have civil discussions about this team, then that would be great.

I've got no problem with negativity. Being upset over losses in a passionate football fan forum is to be expected.

I have a problem with an overabundance of downright rude, childish, insulting posts that are so frequent that they dominate the board time to time.

Seems to have cleared up...for now.

Although I don't like it, G.Ms, coaches and QBs are fair game because their salaries comes from fans' pockets.

but it's true posters who have directed excessive criticism towards them ure have received a lot of insults, Cap'n.

I will openly admit that I can be quite rude at times. My aggression though is toward things like former Ticat fans wishing ill on the team just because the team has let down whatever unrealistic expectation they had in their head. We all know who I'm referring to here. I can also be quite rude to trolling fans from other teams and even the couple true Ticat fans I have strong disagreements with.

The only part of what I said above that I actually feel bad about is the rudeness I have shown to a couple true fans like Ockham or Half The Distance. I may not agree with a lot of what either say but they are both true fans and no one can take that from them. I have always been the type to really make a point when I do and thats where the rudeness comes out. In the end though if you want people to really hear/read what you're saying then you need to say it in a nice way and also respect their opinion. It's that aspect lacking with some of the true fans that I regret.

As far as people like Onknight.. I may have said some horrible things to him recently but I meant it. They were all things that needed to be said and as a fan since the age of 6 I naturally felt a need to defend the team against his unnecessary aggression over the last month or so.