mod powertripping

Personally, I am tired of reading threads where people are complaining that their messages are being edited or deleted because a mod does not agree with a persons opinion. I myself have had multiple messages deleted due to a conflicting opinion. Despite being a regular devils advocate, I feel it should not jeapordize my forum membership. Some others on this forum, that are just down right annoying - that does not mean they should be banned or suspended. The beauty of an internet forum, is that you get the good with the bad, and you the user, can sift through it.

The mod's on this forum are power tripping (with the pathetic amount of power they have been given .. its quite sad) ... its like a loser cop, or a power tripping bouncer, or simply a thug, or some dweeb from your highschool that gets assigned as a hall monitor.

I'd like to see a few mods in particular have their rights stripped, as they have abused the power that has been granted them.


....make a complaint then instead of a soapbox CM or Ron or and tell them how you really feel....

I think it is more appropriote to air this in a public forum. This way, others, that also feel that certain people are overstepping and abusing their privledges can also take part.


......ah, a b!tch session....sure, why not, I have lots to b!tch about too......but may I recommend that seeing that this has nothing to do with the CFL in particualr that this thread be moved ot the Off Topic area.....or would that be perceived as powertripping?....

Personally, I think this topic affects enough people that it should be as visible as possible .. I'd even go as far as suggesting it becomes a 'sticky' topic so the users also have a public voice against these mods. Ok - that may be a little far fetched .. but I've been on the net since I was 12 (yes - 18 years now) .. and I have never been apart of a forum/newsgroup that is so over moderated as this one. Its unjust.


.....there you now that this topic is up front and centre let's hear the complaints roll in.....let's try to be specific about it and also everyone should understand that this will be a two way, you were saying...

no problem. ro1313 oversteps his/her powers on a regular basis. There are multiple users that have fallen victim to this power abuse .. i'm tired of it. I'd like to see ro1313 have his/her administrative rights removed. The authority to ban/suspend users is clearly too much power for this user to posess.

The should not be maintaining moderators that act like children, and take out personal vendetta's by using their privledged access.

People don't like a lot of the stuff I type, and I don't like a lot of the stuff other people type .. I have not read a single thing on this site that deserves punishment, or bannishment - yet there are half a dozen incidents in which people have become banned .. and these are MASSIVE cfl fans - isn't this a lot counterproductive?


....ro1313, if he so chooses, will need to answer to your allegations personally (it is 'he' btw)....I have never heard of how he conducts himself on this site coming under scrutiny by the MRX people so your opinion of how he operates may fall on deaf ears (eyes, sorry)....

.....on the subject of banishment, let's review that list: three, not six, in order:

a) Kanga-Kucha, who after three mods complained about his using this website as a personal blog was terminated by MRX, resurfaced as K-KBBAP approximately two minutes later,
b) drumming god, who made comments MRX found to be unacceptable to the forum was offered a chance to apologise, didn't, and was subsequently banned. He has since come back under a similar user name, made reparations to those who were involved and is completely in good standing (welcome back btw),
c) saskargo, who actually asked to be banned herself, death by mod so to speak. far as that being a MASSIVE list, I dunno, it's a question of perspective isn't it....I personally don't find that list too large, but that's just me..

I've seen forums with more rules and moderated more closely and I've seen forums with less rules where you can post almost anything.

The one thing you have to remember is that this is a forum of a professional sports league and should be treated as such. We're all here to talk football and posters should not have to be insulted because of it.

On another note, you are allowed your opinion and as long as it doesn't break any forum guidelines I am fine with it.

With the new site we also have a forum where the moderators can discuss certain incidents, so unlike in the past, we can now moderate more by committee instead of on our own.

As far as banning massive CFL fans, if they would have followed the forum guidelines and posted like 99% of the posters on this site they would still be here.

I am not against the existence of a thread where people can argue over how the forum guidelines are to be enforced.

It's only fair to have a voice if you feel threaten.

However, this could rapidly become a kidergarten-like conversation. I'd recommend to people who feel being abused to have a word with this site's administrators (CFLpm and CM).

But if people want to discuss it in here, they should have the decency to show everyone what was edited/erased when they complain. My guess is most people would not repeat it because they knew they went to far. Then again, I don't pretend I know what is being erased as it is often already gone when I get here.

....two things are important to note here:

a) mods cannot ban anyone, only MRX can do this,
b) anything erased or editted by a mod can be seen by MRX (a papertrail so to speak), so it's not like we can do this without scrutiny,

Kanga .. annoying, maybe. A handicap or two, yup. The guy loves Canada, the CFL, and this forum ... and you ban him? Are you f^cking kidding me? You ban a guy with a mental disability? Again - Are you f^cking kidding me?!! And you people represent the cfl? Banning someone with a mental disability? He was nothing but positive and entertaining (yes, a little annoying .. but hardly deserves punishment).

Drumming_God ... This guy digs up more information and interesting articles with REAL cfl/football related information than ANY of you moderators. He makes regular good posts, with intelligent arguments and well thought out counterpoints. A bit of a devils advocate, but provides great conversation. He's an incredible football fan, and likes to parttake in discussion. Because he didn't apologize to one of the power trippers - he's gone? Thats a joke.

Saskargo ... She likes going against the grain - so what? Is that illegal? (it is here apparently) If anything, she requested to be banned, just to remove herself from the powertripping and the constant moderating everyone with a different opinion is subjected to. The fact that you guys actually carried through the ban, based on the users sarcastic nature, just goes to show how trigger happy some of the mods are becoming with the ban button.


So do you think we should have no forum guidelines on this forum and people should be free to say or post anything they want? Swear as much as they want to, insult other posters as much as they want to, post any pics they want to, etc?

I would, personally, just like to know where you stand on moderating in any forum.

.....did you miss this little piece of info?.....item a)'s pretty crucial to how you are conducting your argument.....

In my experience, open forums do not require moderation such as this. Forums can regulate themselves. The only people that should ever be banned from a forum, is those that fully abuse the service. Such as blatantly attacking the servers via denial of services attacks ... or spamming.

Its an open forum, and should be maintained as such. There is a lameness filter on these forums anyways, so you can't swear. As far as pics and insults go .. Insults? Sticks and Stones ...
Pics - Delete anything that is nudity or illegal. Thats it.

While I don't agree 100% with Statik, I do for the most part, and I'm wondering who moderates the mods? Because if being extremely rude and overbearing is unaccaptable, the ro1313, redandwhite and others I'm sure should be banned. You said Kanga was banned for turning threads into his own personal blog! Have you ever monitored how often ro1313, takes over a topic, reponding to each and every response, usually rudely, and forces his opinion down your throat, and redandwhite, is just pathetic all around, all your reponses are looking for a fight, so again, who moderates the mods?

The idea of this site being more "over-moderated" than other sites is not that surprising given that it is the official site of the CFL.

I heard the same type of thing over at old when people posted things either at of line or that were heavily crititcal towards Cats, their org etc.

That is what you have to expect. If you find these rules/policies too restricting, then there are other sites to voice youer opinion on.

Having said that, a message board whether official or not, should allow for for the free flow of opinion, ideas etc on all areas. That includes criticism of League policy or decisions, stance taken by the BOG, even calling them out collectively or personally.

The line has to be drawn tho between what is opinion and ideas and what becomes personal attack.

I would hope that the moderators excersise caution and common sense in their duties, that they give "offenders" some form of notice telling them why what they have posted is not acceptable and giving them the chance to "conform."

But banning user just because you don't like what they say is draconian. If all that is going to be tolerated on this site is a love-fest towards everything connected with the CFL and those who run it, then it becomes a self-serving PR vehicle.

Users tho have to behave in a responsible manner w/o personal attacks or making unwarranted remarks. If some people find that to be too restrictive or feel they can't abide by rules in place, then they shouldn't be surprised to find themselves gone --- with due warning and a chance to "reform themselves.|

But I can tell you if I thought opinions or idead were being unduly restricted, I'd have no problem calling mods out. If they cont'd to prevent people from airing opinions even those critical of the League --- as long as it was done with some decorum --- then I'd leave and just dismiss the site as any other state-controlled media outlet subject to gov't interference.


Well, unfortunately for yourself, this forum does have guidelines posters have to adhere to. Guidelines set out by the administrators, who work for the CFL. We, as moderators, are here on their behalf to make sure those guidelines are followed.

If you do not like those forum guidelines that is an issue you'll have to take up with the administrators. If you happen to get the forum guidelines changed, I will moderate this forum, as best as I can, to the new guidelines.

As far as swearing goes, with all the words in the english language posters should find a different way to express themselves instead of using cursive language. I'm sure synonyms can be found to replace certain words. This is just my personal opinion but I've found that in life swearing just puts people on edge and inhibits a person from making there point.

So MRX has decided that Kanga (a massive CFL fan with a mental disability), is not fit enough to post on the website? Is that correct? He deserves to be banned? Am I understanding you correctly? So MRX has bas banned Kanga for over using the facilities they provided? He probobly can't even stop himself if he wanted to! I'm certain the CFL would not appreciate the headline of MRX banning an overly enthusiastic mentally challegned CFL fan.

This is pnPHPbb - there is a daily max post variable that could be set to avoid such a problem.


do people think this is the majority, OR minority of mods abusing thier powers?

if its just one or two mods that people have a problem with, perhaps we could simply have a poll asking, which mod should lose thier mod powers?...would that solve the problem?