Mock Expansion Draft

Since the date of the Expansion Draft is more than likely going to be delayed, maybe we could do our own.
Just for fun, I did some homework into this, lets just get a discussion going about it. I did the draft as closely to the rules of ther draft as I could comprehend them, so let me hear your input.

Round 1: Import Draft

Pick # Player Pos Original Team
1 Ryan Phillips CB BC Lions
2 Devin Taylor T Edmonton Eskimos
3 Henry Burris QB Calgary Stampeders
4 Dan Goodspeed T Saskatchewan Roughriders
5 Chris Garrett RB Winnipeg Blue Bombers
6 Markieth Knowlton DB/LB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
7 Jermaine Copeland SB Toronto Argonauts
8 Kitwana Jones DE Montreal Alouettes

Round 2: Non-Import Draft

1 JR Larose S BC Lions
2 Andrew Nowacki WR Edmonton Eskimos
3 Jon Gott G Calgary Stampeders
4 Shomari Williams DE Saskatchewan Roughriders
5 Don Oramasionwu DT Winnipeg Blue Bombers
6 Simeon Rottier G Hamilton Tiger Cats
7 Dominic Picard C Toronto Argonauts
8 Paul Waldu CB Montreal Alouettes

Round 3: Non-Import Draft

1 Paris Jackson WR/SB BC Lions
2 Damon Duval K/P Edmonton Eskimos
3 Corey Mace DT Calgary Stampeders
4 Mike McCollough LB Saskatchewan Roughriders
5 Aaron Hargreaves WR Winnipeg Blue Bombers
6 Marc Beswick HB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
7 Jeff Johnson FB Toronto Argonauts
8 Daryl Townsend HB Montreal Alouettes

So you did this using the rules announced earlier this year, trying to take into account who might be protected by their original club, etc? I suspect age played a big part in the decision-making (and no doubt it would).

Does Duval actually qualify as a non-import?

I love the pick of Jeff Johnson second from last. :thup: If this came to pass, I think it would be a hell of a start, not taking into account the university draft, etc. Crowley-to-Burris alone should be considered an upgrade. :wink:

Let's take a young guy like Chris Williams in Hamilton (rookie of the year) and then a veteran NI like Fantuz.

I tried to use the protection rules laid out yeah, and I'm sure some of these players will be protected, but I did my best. Age is defiantely going to play a huge role in players getting drafted or protected, but guys like Goodspeed, might not get protected bcuz of their age, but since they can still contribute, will get drafted.

Apparently Duval is a non-import. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres no way in hell that Hamilton doesnt protect Chris Williams, theyd probably rather give up Kevin Glenn than Williams. Fantuz is either going to hit free agency, where ottawa can try to get him, or Sask will protect him if they think he's in their future plans. He wasnt worth using an import draft on.

About time to re-visit this expansion draft idea, but realistically it's pointless until the end of 2013 when there is a better idea of who will be around and on which teams.

When Ottawa does come back the emphasis will hopefully be on guys with at least few years ahead of them. There are a few younger quarterbacks that could be available or a couple vets who have a decent chance of being FA, like Buck Pierce and Kevin Glenn.

I'm not from Ottawa, but it really looks like more could be done to help out, like I'd personally like to see Ottawa have at least have the first pick in every round for the 2013 draft, where Ottawa can only pick futures, or just give Ottawa every single NI NCAA underclassman from the 2013 draft. Then change the amount of NI's that can be protected in the draft to like 5 NI's in the first NI round and 10 in the second(unless a QB or K/P is taken in earlier rounds) it is in everyone's best interests for Ottawa to be competitive in 2014 when they come back(which hopefully they will)

I think the CFL did a good job with the planned CFL draft layouts. They will currently have the last pick in the first four rounds of the 2013 draft which is all they really need/should get. From what I could find, here's a list of the top underclassmen taken in the past few drafts:

2012: Courtney Stephan, 8th overall
2011: Tyler Holmes, 7th overall
2010: Brian Bulcke, 6th overall
2009: Eric Fraser, 8th overall
2008: Justin Sorensen, 5th overall

They tend to drop towards the end of the round, so I think Ottawa's positioning will be suitable. From what I remember from the Rick Worman hiring article, he said that there were 14 underclassmen that he would be scouting, with four selections to be made from those.

As far as the expansion draft goes, when you think about it, Ottawa can select one non-import starter from each member club to have eight starting calibre players (albeit the 7th best from each team). The other eight non-imports will most likely be depth players. They'll also be able to sign free agents, which is also a big thing that people forget. I think the expansion draft is very fair for both Ottawa and the eight current teams.

With all that being said, it's still too early for a mock draft.

Yes Gorn, those may be the first underclassman drafted in the last 5 drafts. But there is the one problem that for next year and that is teams will specifically know that Ottawa can only draft underclassman.

Its a tad early to be doing mock drafts for the 2013 draft, but if say Nolan MacMillan(OL) or Tolu Akinwum(DB) who should both qualify for next years draft as well as be underclassman and possibly highly rated prospects, is rated in the top 15 by say Calgary, now Calgary already owns SSK's 2nd round pick.

SO if SSk does poorly(misses the playoffs) and CGY is a top finisher it is very possible CGY could pick say 6th and again at 10, and if they have MacMillan rated high and being a team that often goes after underclassmen, if they have MacMillan and another guy rated equally and both on the board, normally they would take the other guy and hope MacMillian falls but because Ottawa is guaranteed to grab an underclassman strategy changes and they can take Mac ad 6 and hope the other guy slides to 10. Now again it's pretty early to make predictions of exactly who will slide where, I'm just using it as an example of how the current entry draft setup can hurt Ottawa.

Now the thing is, what would be the big problem with giving Ottawa all 14 underclassmen, Ottawa obviously going into the 2014 season will have a completely empty roster, yes they will draft 8 of the 7th best starter on each team and another 8 backups/over the hill guys NI's. But this leads to Ottawa going into FA with 16 NI's. Most other teams are already over 20 by this point and have a star NI or two.
You can bet Ottawa isn't going to get Foster, Watson, Parker or Baggs in the NI draft(which is fine, teams shouldn't lose the NI's they have developed into stars) Nor is Ottawa likely to get guys with experience starting at non-traditional spots(WR/OL) that are under 33.
or if it's "too unfair" to give Ottawa all 14 so they have a fighting chance in 2014, then at least give them the 1st and 5th pick in each of the first 4 rounds. That way they get 8 picks and first dibs on the best one.

But seriously it's not like by giving them the 14 underclassmen, Ottawa is going to have a winning record in their first year, it is all simply about giving them a chance to win some games their first year(hopefully better the Renegades 4) and to have a .500 season in their first 4 years instead of a Renegade best 7 wins.

Giving the entire underclass to Ottawa makes no sense. Ottawa has to field 21 Non Imports. So by your system Ottawa would get

8 CFL starters
8 CFL backups
14 NCAA Juniors
6 2014 Draft picks

Thats 36 Non imports and we havent even talked about free agency.

Ottawa is getting an amazing boost as is. Let`s not get crazy.

So REDUCE the number of Canadians!!

There will be criticisms from the existing teams who have to lose starting Canadians.
The CFL should look closely at reducing the 21 Non Imports - with Ottawa entering the leauge that means another 21 Canadians must be found to fill these position and there are just not enough good CIS players out there.
If they dropped the NIs by two, then they could still retain rougly the same number of Canadians in the league. I think all teams would be happy with that.

Right now there are 21 NI X 8 teams = 168 NI starters.
If they drop two NIs when Ottawa enters then 19 X 9 teams = 171 NI starters

The fact that they still maintain the total number of Canadians in the leauge should keep the Canadian lovers happy.

Earl there is more Canadian talent then AT ANY OTHER TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE. There is no reason to reduce Canadian content. If you want to watch only American play football there is 500 NFL games and about 2500 NCAA games you can watch.

So WHERE in my post did I say ONLY Americans? I said REDUCE the Canadians from 21 to 19 but keep the number as it is today!! Why don't you pay attention?
We do have some great Canadian talent - yes, that's not the issue. The issue is NOT ENOUGH Canadian football players to fill 9 teams in 2014.

What does watching the NFL or NCAA have to do with watching the CFL? I don't know if you have been paying attention or realize that we do have different rules in the CFL - we have 2 extra players on the field, 3 downs, larger field etc.
Whether I watch the CFL with 21 starters or 19 starters, what's the difference?

The difference is that there are 42 votes per team in the CFLPA. If you reduce the number of Canadians to 19 your giving control of the union to Americans. At which point what do you think will happen ?

Also there is plenty of players to field another team. Each team has around 28 Non imports and if I look at Montreal (roster I know best). If we were to protect our five starting linesmen and Shea Emry. Ottawa could choose two from the following.

Etienne Boulay
Marco Brouillette
Christian Matte
Ryan Bomben
Chima Ihekwoaba
Bo Adebayo
Curt Dublanko

There are some pretty damn good players in there and most are around 25.

You do the same exercise with your team and you will see that your going to be pretty bummed about who is left unprotected.

You two do realize that there is no CFL mandate requiring 21 NI's on a CFL's 42 man roster, it's 20.

3 QB's + 20 NI's the remaining 19 spots can be filled by imports = 42.
This doesn't include NI's on a teams 4 man reserve or PR rosters of course.

Why would you reduce the number of NI's required on roster?
for one, the rule is even for every team, so it's not like is unfair as every team is on equal footing, so leave it at 20.

Teams that know what they are doing build up NI depth and many have more then min required amount of NI's. How are other teams being so negatively affected, they are losing the starting NI they deem the least valuable(as they protect their 6th most valuable) and then their 12th most valuable(providing Ottawa drafts the guy who team X would have protected if they could protect one more)
The issue with NI talent is there is not enough room on rosters to develop much more as rosters are currently setup, there should be more PR spots for teams to use on NI's exclusively should they choose.

Yes by my system Ottawa would get the 8 of the 7th best CFL starters from each team.
This is providing Ottawa is stupid enough to strictly take starters or CFL teams simple protect their starters, which is a horribly simplistic way of looking how teams will protect their teams, not going to happen. If Morley is still starting for the Bombers at the end of 2013 do you really think he'll be protected or Logan god no, they aren't going to protect their 32 and 33 year old starters when they can protect their younger ones like Poblah and Muamba.
For Hamilton they won't protect Stala or Hage if they are still around. So now if Ottawa selects all those guys in that first round, Ottawa is 1-2 years away from their entire first round of starters retiring.
the 8 backups(depending on the draft timing Ottawa might barely have any options to pick from who are signed for the 2014 season)
14 NCAA underclassman, who may or may not BE IN CAMP depending on if they end up getting a look in the NFL
6 2014 draft picks who may or may not be in camp for 2014.(they could be underclassman or like Plesius and Rockhill from 2012 elect to go back for another year in the CIS)

So Ottawa ends up with UP TO 36 NI's before Free agency, but how is that crazy? It is crazy to think all 36 are going to be there for TC, with the system I suggest Ottawa will likely get 28-30 of those 36 into TC for 2014 which considering this is a team with no incumbant starters is actually low, they'll need a lot of NI talent in their first TC especially, really if Ottawa is smart they'll play their first few games with 9-10 NI starters if they can and see which one of those will be best upgraded by airlifting in another talent, especially as over half of the ~30 will be prospects with little game experience.
Who in their right mind thinks that these 14 NCAA underclassman are automatically going to become starters and HOW does this negatively affect the other 8 teams?
are they losing anything by Ottawa getting these underclassmen, not at all.

This draft system will NOT give Ottawa an amazing boost, but at least with those extra underclassman Ottawa has a good shot at winning 2-3 years into their existence.

What happens the draft is in December/January, if Ottawa selects Fantuz from Hamilton, as he should be a FA in 2014 so Hamilton has no need to protect him, and he simple refuses to re-sign with Ottawa and re-signs with Hamilton?
Is that providing them with a big boost in their first year?
That draft timing is also going to kill Ottawa one way or the other. If it is before FA then teams will not re-sign their pending FA's until after the draft leaving Ottawa with extremely slim pickings.
If the draft is after the start of FA then Ottawa goes into FA with absolutely no idea of what it's team needs are, what the team salary structure will be nor will they have a good time convincing guys to sign as the chance of playoff bonuses are slim to nil without over paying, putting them in a bad situation under the SMS.

It's not so simple.

No it's not simple. And you have forgotten one important thing, Ottawa can not select all these players you are talking about because there is a SALARY CAP - they may take a few veterans form other teams. I'm sure a starting QB and maybe some proven receivers Is and NIs but the bottom lines in they can't afford to stack the team.

The NFL factor is the same for All teams, Ottawa will have to weight those factors when they draft. I think the way it is setup presently. They will have a bit of everything. They can also make some trades with other teams to balance things out and will have first crack at any players released from camps so they should be very aware of what is going on in other camps.

First thing is to get a QB and an oline. That is where my focus would be.

Which players did I mention would affect Ottawa's cap situation? :S

The cap is going to be 4.4-4.5M in 2014 and btw, there is also a cap floor requiring teams to spend 4M.
Every team in the league has several high paid vets, and the only high paid vet I suggested they may draft if Fantuz and simply because he would not be protected if the draft is pre-FA and would immediately re-sign with Hamilton during FA(talking about the timing issues of the draft)

Vets like Stala and Morley are not high paid, they are earning starters $$ but that's like $90-110K which are the kind of guys Ottawa need just to hit the floor unless they are going to go after only high paid imports during the import part of the draft, but if they do that they are fools, aside from on QB's Ottawa should be looking for reasonably priced import starters who are under contract for 2014(and hopefully 2015) or else game breaking starters at HB(secondary) along with the best backup QB who isn't protect, Maybe Joey Elliot.

Don't forget hfxtc,
that Ottawa's big priority will be Secondary. Import receivers, RB and front 7 are all pretty easy to get, a top notched QB, Secondary and NI laden OL not so much.

I think teams on the NI side will protect mostly their offensive linesmen and core starters. On the import side of the draft teams will protect their top receivers and defensive backs. Historically teams have used age and salary as a big factor when deciding what players to keep.

As for Quarterbacks it is hard to project which guys will be available because of the age of Calvillo,Burris,Glenn and Ray. I don`t know that they will all be successful this season. That will impact greatly who is protected.

The other factor will be how many guys teams have under contract. If a player has long term ties to a team. For example Hage, Flory,Calvillo. You could leave them in free agency at seasons end and still have no risk of losing them. How much of that will go on I dont know.
The way I see the draft Ottawa will have a competitive team from the get go. I mean a team that can win 6 to 9 games. The expansion draft should not give Ottawa a Grey Cup contender, that will be for the Ottawa football personnel to accomplish with scouting, smart free agent decisions and some luck with the QB situation and you could end up with a contender.

I would wait and see with Fantuz. He went to the NFL last year and couldn't make the practice roster, then he said he was hurt. After he returned to the CFL he didn't look good at all. So I am curious to see if he still has it this year.

Fantuz had 175 yards in 4 games with the Riders, over a full season that's like 800. Unless the Cats have a horrid offense he'll get it done.

No way Glenn, Jackson, Joseph, Burris or AC get protected in the expansion draft, if they are even still active at that point. No reason to protect a QB that's over 38.(or an over 30 backup)
Durant, Lulay and Tate will be protect and probably Ray.

With only 3 imports to protect I'd expect teams are going to protect their QB if they have a youngish starter(Bombers with Elliot or Brink, Lulay or Tate even though they'll be ~31 it's young for a QB)
Their stars that are hard to replace(especially young DB's)
Like if the draft was right now the BB's would protect JJ, Hef and Suber, probably resulting in Denmark being drafted, even though Brink or Elliot are the best pickups.
for the NI side(providing Denmark is drafted), the Bombers should protect right now Logan, Pencer, Swiston, Poblah, Watson and Muamba.
resulting in the loss likely of Morley, although the better pick-up would be Labbe.(although he might be in that 6 instead of Swiston)
Big deal out of Winnipeg Ottawa likely drafts a WR and OG. If I'm a coach or GM playing Ottawa in 2014 I'm putting a W beside their name in pen, unless they get very lucky in FA.

Well since it appears that Ottawa will be back in 2014 the expansion draft will be next season. Teams are only allowed to protect one QB so all of the top back ups will be available and they will be able to select two of them. So next year their will be some pretty good timing for drafting a number two.
Brink/Elliot which ever the Bombers choose as their starter next year the other will also be just as ready as next season will be their 4th and in 2014 they will be primed and ready for their shot at being a starter.
Lulays clone Reilly will also be a top consideration. I think next year will also be his 4th season and he will be backing up Lulay for sure so he also will be primed for a shot at being a starter.
Calgary will have tate back so they will need to decide if they still need Glenn or that Mitchell is ready for the number 2 spot quickly leaving Ottawa Gee Gee Canadian Sinopoli who would be entering his 4th season in 2014. Glenn most likely will be a back up somewhere so all three would be available.
The Riders will have to keep their fingers crossed as Durant looks very good and would most likely be protected. The Secret is out about Drew Willy and his tuturing of the CFL from His two former Canadian QB coaches at Buffalo. 2014 would be his 3rd yr in the league but had valuable experience before that in the NFL and UFL for 3 seasons.
Edmonton is a crap shoot and cant predict but I would neve take jyles if he was unprotected Their will be some light shed upon the situation next year with Nickols and Masoli who is flying under the radar now but there is a reason the Esks perued him for two sesons'11 and got him in '12.
All signs point towards macpherson for next season and beyond inMontreal and really will be no prospective back up. Same in Hamilton should burris continue to produce they do not have a hot prospect at back up.
Toronto has Jackson and the young surprise trevor harris. Trevor Harris secret is out also and he is very young
I think thats everybody.

Brink/elliot Winnipeg
Reilly BC
Willy Saskatchewan
Mitchell Calgary
Trevor Harris toronto (lonshot pick)

two of those 5 will most likely be selected Creating a nice QB competition.
I do not know if any will be free agents at this point but I would think that teams would want all 6 of them so they most likely will be under contract.