Mock Draft

Sorry for another thread but just wanted to see how people thought the draft might go through the first 2 or 3 rounds. We have 1st, 8th and 15th picks in rounds 1,2, and 3 respectively. Who do you think we go for? Who do you think other teams go for? Who would you like to see us get?

I think the first round, if Heenan doesn't get NFL mumorings then he's our guy. But if there is any, then I'd like to see the Riders pick up Chambers, as well our Canadian Receiving Corps is, not as high flying as it has been in the past.

Round 1
1 Saskatchewan - Heenan/Chambers
2 Edmonton -
3 Hamilton -
4 BC Lions - Westerman ( DL ) - I just see Wally getting another DL - Canadian to replace Brent Johnson
5 Calgary Stampeders -
6 Edmonton Eskimos -
7 BC Lions -
Round 2
8 Saskatchewan Roughriders - If Heenan then best WR available
9 Toronto Argonauts -
10 Hamilton Tiger-Cats -
11 Montreal Alouettes -
12 Calgary Stampeders -
13 Winnipeg Blue Bombers -
14 BC Lions -


I filled the #2 spot for Edmonton

I think we go to with Hennan or Chambers, depending on if Hennan gets NFL interest. If we go with Heenan I think best available WR like you said, with third pick, I think we go with LB or DT/DE, and with a late pick I think we might try to get that DB who was hurt last year, but seemed to have a great camp, McDougall maybe? Can't remember off the top of my head.

Heenan is a long term investment so I hope they take him. Think of Poley, Aldag, Schultz and Gene.

Recievers are easy to fined, so use an import and try to get another Oline or Dline man in round 2. Should be some quality guys left since only 7 guys will be taken by other teams.

I don't think we need to take another O-line with our second pick, we have an absolute STABLE of young NI O-linemen, many seem like they can be good. Only way I would be ok with taking an O-line at #8 would be if we took someone who they think could play tackle at the pro level within 2 years. If they did that, we could have an all NI o-line with Patty-LaBatte-Picard/AKG-Heenan/Best-New draft pick. Now I'm not sold on Patty being able to start at the begging of this year, but IMO he should be ready to play one of the tackles by mid-year or next year. He didn't look too bad out there last year in his limited action, and I assume will only get better with a better/younger interior to work with.

I think they take Heenan with the #1 spot as well...but would love to see them make some sort of trade with Edonton for the 2nd spot to take Chambers too....but that's likely a loooong shot.

Yeah I contemplated getting both of them but i just don't see it happening.
--- Although I could see us doing a 2 for 2 trade with Edmonton on draft day (providing ET hits his head really hard the night before and possibly still hungover )
1st and 8th for 2nd and 6th. They get THEIR guy... And we get 2 very high picks.

ET himself basically said the Riders are idots if they don't take Heenan 1st overall. He said if he does not go 1st overall then the 2nd overall pick will be the quickest decision of the draft.

The downfall is if Heenan elects to try out for the NFL, he is going to get a shot, and he will likely end up making at least a PR. Chambers is also getting looks from down south, and many figure he has the best odds of the CIS draft class go go to the NFL.

Well, they have been scouted, but the NFL clubs would not be making moves on these guys until after the CIS draft, and so long as they do not sign on the dotted line, they are still up for grabs. If a CFL team's pick goes to another league, they get a suplamental pick next year.

Not sure if Greenwood got the interest after the draft, but if this is the case, did Toronto get a supplemental pick?

I'd be very surprised if Tillman traded the first round #2 spot away as it was part of the trade for Toronto to get Ricky Ray. However, I could see the Esks trade down with their #6 pick though.