Mock Draft

So with the NFL draft coming to a close, and our draft occuring next week, I thought I'd take my best stab at a first round mock draft.

  1. Hamilton- Simeon Rottier OT Alberta- Very good offensive line prospect who did well in 1 on 1 drills at combine. Should be replacement for Gauthier two years down the road.

  2. Toronto- Jamall Lee RB Bishop's- Son of former CFL player Orville Lee, ran fastest 40 time in E camp history, and also has great size at 6 feet, 220 pounds. Has tons of potential, but needs to be developed a bit.

  3. Hamilton- Tristan Black LB Wayne State- Haven't seen any film on him, but from what I've heard he is a strong guy with good pass rushing ability, and should have the ability to start in a few years to replace Barrenechea. Good physical prospect, a bit dissapointed in his 40 time.

  4. BC- Matt Morencie OL Windsor- Highly athletic, most pro ready offensive lineman in the draft. A bit undersized, but a quality pick who will start down the road on an already talented BC team.

  5. BC- Etienne Legare DT Laval- Most talented defensive player in the draft. Showed good pass rushing ability in the East-West game, and has won countless defensive awards in the CIS. Should be a quality situational player who may be able to start in the future.

  6. BC- Scott Mchenry WR Saskatchewan- Tough inside receiver with tons of upside. Poor mans version of Jason Clermont, who the Lions just released this off season.

  7. Montreal- Matt Carter WR Acadia- Fastest receiver in the draft, with a bit of work can be a 5th receiver.

  8. Calgary- Dylan Steenbergen- Local guy who can be a quality backup interior lineman.

So there it is, feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism, or your own draft. I'm probably way off, but what can you do.

So who's left for Sask to take with pick #9?

Jamall Lee has signed,as a free agent,with Carolina Panthers.

No longer drafted in round 1 by a CFL team.


Interesting to see if he gets drafted anyways. I figure he'll still go this year, just not right away. Might be an interesting pickup for somebody in a wait-and-see position.

BC will most likely take him with one of the three first rounders they hold, probably #6.

After thoughts I have changed my mind and now think that Jamall Lee will be drafted by a CFL team in the first round; as already written by someone else, I too think that BC will draft him. They have 3 choices in round 1.

Here how I see round 1 of the CFL draft unfolding:

1- Hamilton-Simeon Rottier-OL-

2- Toronto-Etienne Légaré-DL-

3- Hamilton-Scott McHenry-SB-

4- BC-Matt Morencie-OL-

5- BC-Matt Carter-SB-

6- BC-Jamall Lee- RB-

7- Montreal- Deji Oduwole -DL-

8- Calgary - Steve Myddelton-OL-


That about as good of a mock I've seen so far this year Richard. Looks fairly accurate. We'll see Saturday!

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This morning, the CFL Scouting Bureau released its final rankings of the top CIS and NCAA players who are eligible for the draft.

Top Fifteen List of CIS Players [last ranking]

  1. Simeon Rottier (OL) - Alberta [1]
  2. Jamall Lee (RB) - Bishop's [2]
  3. Étienne Légaré (DL) - Lava [4]
  4. Matt Carter (SB) - Acadia [8]
  5. Dylan Steenbergen (OL) - Calgary [9]
  6. Matt Morencie (OL) - Windsor [3]
  7. Dee Sterling (DL) - Queen's
  8. Tamon George (DB) - Regina [13]
  9. Matt Morris (DB) - Toronto
  10. James Yurichuk (LB) - Bishop's
  11. Scott McHenry (SB) - Saskatchewan [6]
  12. J. Pierre-Etienne (DL) - Montreal
  13. Steve Myddelton (OL) - St. Francis Xavier [7]
  14. Mike Cornell (LB) - Ottawa [11]
  15. Stan Van Sichem (DL) - Regina

Top Five List of NCAA Players

  1. Eric Fraser (DB) - Central Michigan
  2. Tristan Black (LB) - Wayne State
  3. Matt Lambros (WR) - Liberty
  4. Tang Bacheyie (DB) - Kansas
  5. Eric Lee (RB) - Weber State

Very solid guesses Richard - although I might argue that Eric Fraser or Tristan Black could sneak into the middle or end of the first round. Hamilton might also take someone like Fraser at #3 - he's really a top talent, but you've got to wait another year AT LEAST for him.

Haven’t finished mine yet but I got Rottier, Legare, and Fraser as my top three. Non-import defensive backs and good one at that are difficult to find, even if Hamilton has to wait a year for him. I think Buchelye could sneak into the first round as well, he is fast, hits hard, and is versitale (played LB and DB at Kansas).

Be interesting to see what happens.

Here's a revised version of my mock draft.

  1. Hamilton- Simeon Rottier OT Alberta- You can never have enough quality NI offensive linemen. This guy will be a quality backup and replace Gauthier down the road.

  2. Toronto- Matt Morencie OT Windsor- With Jamall Lee taking an NFL tour, it's best to take a player who you know will be there right away, Morencie can start on the inside right away if needed, he is the most athletic, pro ready lineman in the draft.

  3. Hamilton- Osi Ukwuoma DE Queens- Great size and physical attributes, likely to be a pass rushing specialist who with some hard work can start down the road.

  4. BC- Etienne Legare DE Laval- Best defensive prospect in the draft, good motor and good pass rushing ability. Needs to either bulk up or slim down to start in the CFL, but definitely has the tools to start.

  5. BC- Scott Mchenry SB Saskatchewan- Good, tough inside receiver with decent size. Poor mans version of Jason Clermont, should be able to turn into a 4th or 5th option.

  6. BC- Jamall Lee RB Bishops- Best physical prospect with the best E camp numbers for a Canadian back since Jesse Lumsden. BC will have to wait this one out, but down the road it can turn into a great pick.

  7. Montreal- Matt Carter WR Acadia- Fastest wideout in the draft, can start out on special teams and be a 5th target in the future.

  8. Calgary- Dylan Steenbergen OL Calgary- Local kid who should be a quality backup for years to come.
Round 1
  1. Hamilton- Simeon Rottier
  2. Toronto- Matt Carter
  3. Hamilton (via Winnipeg)- Étienne Légaré
  4. BC (via Toronto via Edmonton)- Matt Morencie
  5. BC- Steve Myddelton
  6. BC (via Saskatchewan)- Osie Ukwuoma
  7. Montreal- Deji Oduwole
8) Calgary- Dylan Steenbergen

Round 2

  1. Saskatchewan (via Hamilton)- James Yurichuk
  2. Toronto- Dee Sterling
  3. Edmonton (via Winnipeg)- Tang Bacheyie
  4. Edmonton- Anthony Lucka
  5. BC- Tristan Black
  6. Montreal (via Saskatchewan)- Jimmy Allin
  7. Montreal- Thaine Carter
  8. Calgary- Mike Cornell

Bedell doesn't think Lee will make it in the first two rounds.

IMO, the Leos would be foolish to pass on hometown boy Jamall Lee with one of its picks in the first round. I don't see him still being available when they select in the second round.

And I don't agree with Bedell's selections for B.C. in the first round either. I'd be surprised if they took either O-linemen Morencie or Myddleton. The reason? They're likely to sign last year's first round pick Justin Sorensen, a right tackle from U of South Carolina, plus they're developing Dean Valli and John Hameister-Ries - first and second round O-linemen from 2006, as well as a converted D-lineman (Andrew Jones) from the 4th round of 2007. So they're fairly well stocked along the O-line.

In addition to Lee, B.C. is more likely to take a wide receiver/slotback and a defensive lineman in the first round.

What about the #1 seeded NCAA prospect DB Eric Fraser of Central Michigan? Unless absolutely no-one needs a DB you have to think he'll be taken in Round 1. He's going into his senior season and wouldn't be available til the 2010 season but it would be crazy not to snap up a 4 year Div I starter with a Canadian passport. I believe he's completely rehabbed from his late season ankle injury. The problem for guys like Fraser (underclassmen) is that under NCAA rules they can't attend the CFL combine without losing their eligibility.

Actually, I think he'll go to BC. Just didn't know which pick or if the trade up would happen, so I threw some other names in.

You know, as soon as I sent in the piece, I thought of going D-line for Toronto and giving Carter to BC, but it was too late. I really do think BC will grab an offensive lineman for depth in case they pull the trigger on trading Bates, however.

CFL agent Darren Gill really thinks Fraser is going high. I was focusing on CIS players when I put my mock together, and left him out. He'll go before 16 picks are up for sure.

I think BC will grab Eric Fraser with one of their 1st round picks.

I don't see Sask NOT taking Tamon George or Scott McHenry with the focus they've put on local talent over the past couple months.

Although in your mock draft, Jamal Lee would still have been available to the Riders.

The DB would make more sense than McHenry for 2 reasons - (1) our coaches have indicated they'd like to start a Canadian corner, so additional Canadian depth here would be welcome, and (2) we have tons of Canadian depth as slot.