Mock Draft 2022

Time for Mock Drafts by all the resident experts. I never get more than a few correct but I do get some satisfaction seeing players I picked go on to good careers with other teams.

First Round: 1. Edmonton: Tyrell Richards LB/RE

  1. Ottawa: Sam Emilus WR.

  2. BC: picks Tyson Philpott WR.

  3. Montreal: picks Gregor MacKellar OL.

  4. Calgary: picks J Philpott WR.

  5. Toronto: picks Tre Ford QB.

  6. Saskatchewan: picks Noah Zerr OL.

  7. Hamilton: picks Tyrell Ford DB.

  8. Winnipeg: picks Peter Kozushka OL.

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Your picks look reasonable to me . . . except for Tre Ford at 6. I think that if Ford gets picked it will be in a later round. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Argos take one of the OLs you have listed there instead.

I even think your trade predication has an excellent chance of being correct. Ottawa can then select Bruggeling in the 2nd round.

I'm curious about what happens with Rodeem Brown. He performed well, but teams might shy away from such an undersized OL. Might be worth taking a chance on in the later rounds.

Rodeem Brown might be a territorial pick eligible player for the Elks. Believe it is at the end of the second round.

I can't see BC gambling on both of the Philpots given their QB situation. One thing at a time and they are stacked at receiver.

Ottawa might pick one Philpot and BC or Montreal could trade their pick to Sask to move up and grab Zerr.

Liking the Ford's chances as well.

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I was thinking Ottawa might take one of the Philpott's but he would probably go back home after two years. Betts would be a good back-up/rotate guy with Boateng. Anything is possible in the CFL.
I have Josiah Schakel going to Edmonton for their territorial 19th overall pick and they could take Brown at #21 in the 3rd round. Could go either way I suppose. I see Brown is from Nova Scotia though.
After watching Tre Ford he has that "it" factor about him and could become a Star for the Argos in a few years, which they badly need in Toronto.

I do have Ottawa taking Bruggeling in the 2nd round.

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Second Round:
10. Toronto: takes Deionte Knight DL

  1. Ottawa: Keaton Bruggeling WR

  2. Ottawa: Zach Pelehos OL

  3. Montreal: Joshua Archibald DE

  4. Calgary: Cyrille Hogan-Saindon OL

  5. Toronto: Daniel Adeboboye RB

  6. Saskatchewan: Nathan Cherry DE

  7. Hamilton: Jared Beeksma LB

  8. Winnipeg: Enock Makonzo DB

Territorial Picks.
19. Edmonton: Josiah Schakel DB

  1. Ottawa: Jean-Paul Cimankinda FB

I'm going out on a limb here. I think the BC Lions will draft the Philpott twins like what the Vancouver Canucks did to get the Sedin twins in '99 Draft

A couple of local players that kind of stood out to me who will probably get drafted are RB Rasheed Tucker out of Queens and from Ajax, On. I really like this guy. Saw him play last fall online and was impressed with his running. Shifty and runs to daylight. Was listed then at 5'11 185 which is a little light for the pros. But I see they had him at 194 for the combine. 16 reps on the bench and a 4.6 forty. Maybe Winnipeg will see him as someone to draft to come in behind their two Canadian backs.
Also U of T receiver Maksim Duric 6'4 224 didn't do great in the bench, just 8 reps and 5.0 in the forty, but he has great hands. Could be a project to turn into a possession type receiver IMO.

They already have Onyeka to rotate with Boateng in Ottawa, I doubt the Redblacks would want Betts salary.

IMO Onyeka isn't as good as Betts. But I was thinking Ottawa might want a little more than Betts and Edmonton's 2nd rounder. Maybe one of BC's WR's as well, or another draft pick. I guess it will depend on how bad BC wants both Philpot's.

Betts carries with him $170,000 salary. Onyeka and any of the defensive ends in a deep draft fir defensive ends, should be able to back up Boateng.

Richards might be a good bet for 1st overall - Jones likes his athletic/versatile players, and he might be able to team with vet Adam Konar to allow them to have W-OLB as a full time National starter position on D.

The Philpots may have slipped a bit as sure-fire 1st rounders, but I could still see BC taking one of them; NCAA receiver Sam Emilus (Louisiana Tech) might be a top receiver pick instead (wonder why he was not at the CFL Combine though?)

The O-line rankings may have changed some - with Zerr & Fry (9 bench reps) maybe slipping; Brown, Mackellar, Hogan-Saindon all could go higher, perhaps; Kozushka did not test well at all - can't see him going first 2 rounds.

Ty Ford to the Stamps might make good sense - could play corner or maybe be moved to safety (they lost Metchie to the Argos)

Can't see Tre Ford going first round - even though he could be arguably called "best player" this draft (never got what that meant anyways - football is very position specific) - a QB who runs a 4.4 forty, won the Hec and put up outstanding passing & QB rushing stats at Waterloo - but CFL thinkers just don't like a Canadian trained QB - at all (see Sinagra not getting drafted - at all - last draft)

Very good DE crop this draft IMO - Knight (has the size to play DT too, but might draw an NFL look); Frederico, Archibald, Pickett, Lemieux-Cardinal, Plamondon; a bunch of CFL teams _ Stamps, Ticats, Argos, Bombers - might/should be interested IMO

Wonder if the Bombers might be able to get one of Machart, Adeboboye or Tucker to add to their stable of Canadian RBs ? - one of them should be around 2nd or 3rd round still ?

The RedBlacks also have former GG DE Reeshan Davis who they drafted in 2020.

Can't see them giving up lots to get Betts, nor BC giving him up if they plan to have a Canadian starter at DE - platoon with Menard? - but the Lions might be able to sign last year's 1st rounder DE Daniel Joseph out of NCAA ball (he might draw an NFL look ?)

I wasn't sure about the territorial exemption related to place of birth but do remember Andrew Harris being protected by BC back when. Rules may have changed since then.

Sounds like Brown showed well and is ready to play so could easily go early and not be around. Hamilton might be interested.

For many years, there were no territorial picks/exemptions. But 2-3 years ago, they brought in a new version allowing the bottom two teams in the league to get a special territorial pick between rounds 2 and 3 in the draft. I still think they should've gone with the bottom three teams (i.e., those that didn't make the playoffs).

Just checked, and it started in 2019. The Argos picked Matthew Boatang (2019) and Sam Acheampong (2020) with their territorial picks.

I believe teams protecting Junior players, that their rules and territorial exemptions are different. I could be wrong.

I was just wondering this. I think if Harris had played in USports, he would've been available to any team in the draft just like any other player.

I believe Sam Emilus is going back to College for another year. Same as OT Dontae Bull Fresno St., S Sidney Brown Illinois, S Jon Sutherland Penn St., DE Travis Robinson Mississippi, OG Sidney Sow Eastern Michigan, CB Shaq St. Lot Maine, DE Quintin Seguin North Dakota, S Enock Makonzo Coastal Carolina and there are probably a few more. Last year the CFL allowed teams to draft these type players but not this year. Think there are around 16 NCAA players already drafted who should be available to CFL teams this year if they're not going to NFL camps.

Emilus already declared for the NFL draft (per article on 3 Down) = he should also be CFL draftable. And Makonzo is still on the CFL Scouting Bureau Top 20 list = he is still draftable; Bull, Sow, Sutherland, Brown, Robinson are NCAA guys who are going back - so CFL draft not till next year - they were previously on the CFL Scouting Bureau Top 20.

Andrew Harris being a territorial Junior for BC back when is not the same thing as the bonus territorial picks now; Junior players are still not draftable - far as I know ?

Good answer. Seems there would be an advantage for teams playing in larger population centers.

At least the team can be reasonably confident the local player would remain in the area for the duration of the time it takes to get to playing level. Right now it is do the ELC wherever and eventually sign at home. It takes a good organization to overcome that. Calgary comes to mind.

Given the era of one year deals my opinion of the territorial exemption is that it is confusing and unnecessary. CFL should scrap it along with the Global draft but they won't.