Mock Draft 1.0: What will the Elks do at 1st overall?

The CFL Combine presented by New Era is in the books and the 2024 CFL Draft is now under four weeks away, taking place on April 30 (TSN/RDS).

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I think Dublanko will be too hard for Jones to pass up & he won’t be around later. They have other more pressing needs like REC & DL but since Jones has been back WIL has been National. Putting him next to Morgan would give the Elks a big, athletic duo. Yeah, they have Brodrique but he’s a lot lighter.

Riders ALWAYS are predicted to go OL & have an affinity for REC. There’s talk they’re looking @ starting 3 CDN’s there so I see them going there. There will still be a handful of good OL available @ #12.

Tough job doing this but like getting your thoughts on this. Slow time of year.

Anyway, this is always basically a fun exercise. Odds are against getting much right. :smiley:

The Elks have signed a bunch of guys out of the spring leagues at DL, and they have at least 4 Canadians in the Middle of that line. (Acheampong, Plamondon, Nelson, Burton-Khran, Pelley)

Jones and crew have never picked a guy they would have to coax to come north. So the pick in the article is out.

I’m picking an either or, the best linebacker or the best OLineman available.

While the Oline is OK, we need depth and some added talent there.

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Lots of good talent this draft

None of those on the DL is as nearly good as BC. M. Betts

True but that could be said of any team. The Elks plan has been to go import @ DE since Jones arrived. He said as much when he let both Boateng & Betts go to FA.

Seems there is some agreement that Elks go LB - 3DN has their latest mock draft & has Dublanko @ #1 as well. A lot depends on what offers come up for that pick. Long way to go before the draft & we’ll see what happens in the week prior. :sunglasses:

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Exactly, Betts came out of nowhere. Too expect to draft a player and think he’s going to come in and put up 18 sacks is insane.

Dublanko will go number 1. The Elks have Brodrique, Shackel and the Appolon twins behind him.

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Not really. He just had a tennis coach who someone made a football coach his first season in the CFL. And a dumba$$ GM who let him walk when his contract was up in Edmonton.
Both Betts and Hladik were Elks draft picks prior to Sunderland destroying the team.

How was Hladik a Elks pick?

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Sorry - trusted my faulty memory…Elks gave away so many draft picks in the last year or two of the Sunderland era it’s hard to keep track…