Mock 2.0: Who will be selected?

The CFL Combine presented by New Era is the books and the 2022 CFL Draft is just one week away.

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Holy Forzani brothers Batman! How long until the Philpot twins wind up on the same team? And which GM will seek to unite them under one banner if these guys are as good as we all think?

It's a bird! It's a plane! (these words don't cause people to look up in the sky anymore)... by golly it's John Hufnagel! :smiley:

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Well, I admit to not being an expert at this but had my own 9 picks after Mock 1.0 & are pretty close. For what it's worth I had reversed the Philpots, had Fry @ 6, Federico @ 8 & Brown @ 9.

Despite Jones saying he's had tons of calls on #1, I could see him trading down to 4 with the Als. RB's & BC are pretty good @ LB. If the Als agree to pass on Richards & trade their #4 & 13 for the #1 & 2, that might work as he might still get Richards. Problem is the Als might want to get #1 to get Richards because they have a real need there.

I'll throw in one other scenario which is way out there. Both the Als & Elks have QB controversies. Say what you like, Adams was, & likely still is, unhappy about the Harris situation. Jones has said he wants a veteran QB in training camp. Obviously both organizations have some concerns about their QB situation. How about a #1 & Arbuckle for a #4 & Adams to the Elks? A Tyrell Richards & Arbuckle for Adams might be doable.

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I think you're right. Arbuckle plus 'someone' could let Jones leverage an extra pick or two out of Montreal or even BC (if they start to get cold feet at the prospect of starting two Canadians at quarterback).

Let's see if it happens!

Only The Shadow knows!

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WTF would the Als want Arbuckle at QB? - as in part of a trade so Jones brings back Harris to EE land? = highly doubtful IMO. The Als are going to give-up Adams to get Arbuckle and the #1 pick ???

And BC probably don't want Arbuckle either; they have 3 QBs with at least a bit of CFL experience. And they don't need more Canadian LB talent - even if Richards is viewed as some sort of conscensus #1 pick - which IMO he is far from.

Hey - gotta have SOMETHING to talk about, no? :astonished:

I agree on all counts.

Ferguson is married to the idea that a Canadian university LB will go first overall, and 2 junior football receivers are near the very top as well. Must be a weak draft class or there is some serious miscalculation going on in someone's notes. Sorry, forgot Richards played for Syracuse. (mental moment)

But what do I know..?

Yeah; and who are the 2 Junior receivers ???

Don't mind me... I'm not paying attention, and not thinking

Well thought out fantasy draft. Very plausible stuff. Iā€™m impressed.