Mock 1.0: What will Ottawa do with the first overall pick?

TORONTO — The CFL Combine presented by New Era is the books and the 2023 CFL Draft is just a few weeks away.

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Wow, pushing Bennett out of the top 27 and putting several certain. NFL draftees in the top three rounds. Hmm. Interesting. His age? Can’t see it.

Uguak - not even a starter in his final year of college ball and under-sized for a pro DT - as the 1st overall pick = laughable IMO (also wouldn't surprise me). Be up there at a Jake Burt level 1st overall.

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Agreed. Too much risk. Ferguson does a good job. I like his insight. But sometimes it’s obvious he has not seen certain players play.

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Ottawa has a shot at landing a proven starter here… all they have to do is trade that number one pick away to another team for someone they need NOW. Otherwise there’s a real danger that they’ll draft a player that they won’t see for a couple of years. Those newly expanded NFL practice rosters are where some of our best CFL prospect will go to rot this season.

I don’t understand. Why would they do that? Just draft the player they think is best snd meets their needs in totality. It’s just not the player Ferguson suggests imo. I think Uguak is too much of a foolish risk. Yes, he can play. For sure. But… not enough sample imo. Too much risk.

Why not choose from a couple true locals that are ranked super high instead? Besides If they want to take a risk, they can take Sutherland. He will likely be in an nfl camp and could very well stick for awhile. Heck he might even get drafted in the 7th. Although based on last years history, That’s Exactly who they will pick with their territorial. Although unlike last year, he’s got less nfl chance, so another team could just draft the guy before their territorial pick (hate that crap) and then he’s gone. That’s the risk of not taking this great player and local even, number one. But Uguak? Why him? He’s not getting an NFL opportunity, I get that. But he’s not even proven as much as Korte, who is local and also ranked at the very top after the ones south (and likely most of that first ten get drafted or camp invites imo) which I think will be the top ranked 9 guys. Imo. That puts Korte as a now player and in the top handful. Why not snag him if not willing to risk their number one on Sutherland?

Again, Uguak? When there’s the above mentioned proven sure and immediate contributor in Korte or the riskier and maybe not now guy, in Sutherland. Both local. Hard to beat that.

We draft players that other teams won’t touch because we can afford to wait. Our Canadian talent has been above average every year for the last 5 years. If the best player in this year’s CFL draft at pick #8 is a shoe in to nab a practice roster spot in the NFL then Kyle Walters could take him and then play the waiting game.

IMHO Ottawa needs to improve A LOT this season… so they don’t need to take a chance on a rookie who may not start, or who may not show up due to NFL aspirations. What they need is an impact player who can start immediately and help them get to the playoffs. Their long suffering fans deserve a break.

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I also think Ferguson messes up on Bull. He says Riders need now but there’s a fair chance he gets a look in at he NFL and a reasonable chance he could stick for awhile. He’s good. So why say the Riders need now and then suggest they draft Bull. He thinks Bull can’t make it down south obviously. By saying now. Ferguson is wrong. He is good enough to make it. Likely as a guard and not the Tackle position. But he can. So I think this pick would be a really hedge your bets type of pick by the Riders. I guess they will know more as he will either be drafted or a priority FA signing by an NFL team OR NOT. if not, then ya, great draft choice for the Riders. I just think he’s going south for awhile. So the “now” help for the Riders, ain’t now.

I’m referring to Ottawa not the Peg.

So you think Uguak is a worthy first overall. I do not I guess. I disagree with his ranking spot. I guess it’s that simple. And I’m over complicating with what I said above. To me you got the first overall and it’s a razor thin projection difference. You go local.

I also expect Edmonton to do the same frankly with the number two overall.

Wayne is plausible for Edmonton. It’s true. But I think less likely. I think he’s also in an NFL camp this year by the NFL draft. At least a priority FA signing. Edmonton needs now. And there is again a dang good local near very top of the pile, who will not be In an NFL Camp. And who would fit very nicely.

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So’s mine… :smiley:

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Anyway… so the question I would have for this year’s Mock Draft 5.0 is, which already established player should Ottawa try to get with their #1 overall draft pick?

I’d try to pry LB Kevin Francis (N) who’s currently signed but embroiled in a contract dispute with Edmonton:

Umm. Wow. We really see the league and value differently. Francis. How many teams now? Early in his career he got a shot to start. Did t last long. And it was unfair to him. But Jones does weird stuff sometimes, just to do weird stuff sometimes. A Former collegiate receiver. Who then Got a shot at Safety. But as a rookie, learning a new position. Lol. Nuts. And on the opposite side of the ball. Double Lol. Ridiculous.

Ok. That’s history. He became a decent linebacker in packages. He has some talent. But at the end of the day he’s a ST demon. Not a starter. He’s quite obviously proven that at this point.

And you think super great ST players are worthy of first overall picks?

Just putting it out there.

The top 5 or 6 players in this year’s draft will miss most of this season trying out or making practice rosters in the NFL anyway.

A long shot that could pay off big time would be trading first round picks with say… BC in exchange for two draft picks (their 9th and 14th) AND a player like DT Steven Richardson (A) aka “The Stove” who at age 27 is one of the few run stuffers who can chase down QB’s.

After the cancellation of the 2020 CFL season, Steven signed a one-year contract extension with Winnipeg. He played in only seven games in 2021 and contributed 13 tackles, four sacks, and one forced fumble.

We already knew that he was 305 pounds of solid muscle but we didn’t know until he became a full time starter sometime in 2021 that he would be darned near unstoppable as a bull rusher. He showed so much improvement in his last season with us that we couldn’t afford to sign him. BC saw the light but got extremely unlucky during the 2022 preseason when ‘The Stove’ tore his achilles. He’s currently rehabbing this catastrophic injury so this trade might only work if it’s ‘conditional’.

The RedBlacks are IMO very well stocked/deep in Canadian talent heading into a draft where they are so well positioned with a lot of picks. So I could see them burning a couple of early picks on NFL flight risk guys - risky but could pay off down the road.

As far as immediate need for TC, they might get a pick to compete to make the roster, but the players might be in tough there. A DT to back Laing (Reece Martin would be my choice, way ahead of Uguak), a RB to compete for what should be a wide-open job (i bet Keon Edwards will be available late rounds but might, sadly, be totally written-off by CFL deep thinkers after his 5 second 40 at the Combine); further O-line and receiver depth/ competition could be addressed as well. Jeremy Murphy at receiver; Floren (Queens) at O-line would be sharp picks IMO

And I would have no idea who they would go for this draft; as good a chance of nailing the 6/49 numbers as predicting a CFL draft

Good idea. That’s what I’m hoping the Bombers do with their #8 pick.

The Bombers have way, way bigger need for Canadian talent adds, depth , potential starters than Ottawa do IMO. They should be drafting with #8 a guy they know for sure will show-up in camp and be able to play, and sooner than later - IMO again.

Forget the receivers and DLs, the NCAA guys will likely hang around and wait for an NFL chance.
Ottawa should be going for an O lineman, looking at past 1st round draft picks it’s unlikely they would be starting but build for the future.

I’d argue, 8 to 9. Pretty much all of them down south in that top 9 group will be in nfl camps. Not just cuz they are south. They are good. Deserving of it. So I suspect that pushes that entire group at least to round three. Although some teams proved they gamble with a round two in that situation. Mostly they exception. Priority MFL. FA are usually round 4 or lower. One or two times teams grabbed in round three I think. Am I mistaken? Those drafted always are late round picks.

If I am GM the top 8 or so are after thoughts for me.

You really do have some creative draft thoughts. Can’t see the Stove being even a whisper as part of a trade though. lol. Sorry. But… Teams don’t sign guys away from other teams and then just trade them away when injured. They wait. Name one player in recent history who was rehabbing an injury and was traded? And furthermore, if you can, a guy who was rehabbing a big injury and then tossed into a draft trade? I don’t want to be rude, but seriously? That is not reality. Perhaps a QB, this rings a bell. But…

On your other note, has a team ever given value like 9 and 14 for the first overall? Maybe. I would have to check but am too lazy. BC just gave up J Williams, a N and bonafide starting linebacker in his prime, for a first rounder. I’d argue that maybe 9 and 14 are worth it for the first overall based on that. But on the opposite, the first overall in the CFL draft aren’t that much different than most first rounders historically. Unless I’m out to lunch. I’d have to research. So my gut says 9 and 14 might be too much. But it’s in the ball park perhaps. Should be easy to research as number 1 overall site gets traded a lot.

I’d suggest that foolish. But to each their own in this regard. I think you over value your N talent.

Edwards time is atrocious. Does he have otherworldly shake and bake or something? He is a fullback. That’s his hope.