Mock 1.0: What will Hamilton do with the first overall pick?

From lack of game film, to virtual combines and everything in between, this is the toughest draft I’ve ever tried to wrap my mind around.

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I'd trade down this year looking at adding to 2022 picks

Ticats seem to have need at O-line and receiver.

Maybe Jana at receiver (less likely to draw serious NFL interest than Palmer)

O-line: Doxtater or Lestage

I think Doxtater is a great pick, especially considering he is from nearby Welland.

Linebacker seems like a bigger need though. If one of Hladik, Cross or McDonald are all good and could be available in the second round.

LB for sure they could use (though Jackson Bennett could be converted back to his real position) - and it's a very deep crop at LB this draft IMO.

But the thread started with who do they look with 1st overall - I doubt it would be a LB unless they think Ogbongemiga would show-up and then they would give him a real chance to start at MLB ?

I think Hladik or McDonald in the second round for the Ti-Cats. Both can play WLB and MLB to go along with Feltmate from last years draft. Cross is more of a SLB, but with both Jackson and Adeleke are able to backup that position. I don't think a CFL team will touch Ogbonbemiga till the fifth round.

Like how is calgary at the bottom when it comes to picking???? Trading Rodgers and law that should at least give us better picks/rounds. I think thats a steal for Toronto

Ticats pick at 1, 9, 18, 19.

This draft has a very deep LB crop IMO, so they could wait till 19 or later to get a good prospect probably. They can address lots with those 4 picks and receiver and O-line may be where they go early? But it's the CFL draft we're talking and basically nothing would surprise me - always some whacky, laughable or WTF type picks.

I think they will surprise. I agree they will Select LB and choose Deshawn Stevens out of Maine.

The Kitty-cats will take a Johnny "Girl, Can You Take A Punch?" Manziel first overall to appease Lord DeWayne. LOL!