Mock 1.0: What will Edmonton do with the first overall pick?

The CFL Combine presented by New Era is the books and the 2022 CFL Draft is just a few weeks away.

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Interesting. I'm not going to 2nd guess much. I think everyone has the same pick for #1. Makonzo would surprise me @ #2 because I believe he has indicated he is going back to uni for another year. There's other good choices there & Ottawa could use some immediate help. With Laing getting older maybe Knight goes there??? Riders have a lot of Nationals on OL but IMO they'd take Zerr the Sask alum before Brown. And Wpg maybe needs more help @ Guard whereas Brown looks like a good fit @ CTR. I do believe they have go go OL so if Zerr is there, totally agree.
Only other comments on Round 2 IMO Elks would want Dalke for territorial if available, as you say. I think Bombers go DL. Knight is only DL ranked in top 14 & & 3 are ranked 15-17 after that so there is a good chance 1 is available @ 18. Could use one at this spot.
I like your picks & your reasoning behind them. Fun to try & figure it out.

Ottawa already has vet Pruneau - safety and has also played OLB; plus they signed safety Ty Cranston away from the Als; plus they have former draft pick Adam Auclair - who can play OLB & safety; and, plus, their last year's early draft choice - Alonzo Addae - is a safety (might get some NFL interest and not show though) = can't see much of a need to use an early draft choice on another OLB/safety type like Makonzo ?

Ottawa is pretty deep in Canadian talent IMO - signed a bunch of FAs this off-season to add to their existing group, and have some picks from last year maybe showing up for TC. Don't see a pressing need area for them this draft; and if there was it would be tailback to compete with aging vet Powell (hope they do not just hand the guy the job based on past accomplishments) - SO - either of Addeboboye (local guy) or Machart would be a smart pick for them - that's if LaPo & co. there would have a Canadian compete at tailback ?

I have a suggestion as to what Ferguson can do with this entire article.

The new coach/gm, bring the brain trust he is may just trade the first pick for what he needs now over taking a chance with a draft pick that is usually two seasons away from playing

That goes against the grain of his draft picks in Regina - St John (1), Judge (2) & Shepley (4) in 2016-18 all 1st round picks he kept. Same with his first round picks with Edmonton as HC in 2014 & 2015 with Devon Bailey (6) & Danny Groulx (7). Jones was 5-13 in 2016 so he could easily have parlayed the high draft pick into some veteran bodies or trade down in 2017. And he had the #1 pick in 2016. I don't see that happening. Judge & Shepley were starters in their 1st year - Richards likely is too.

What will Edmonton do with the first overall pick?

Seeing as the last time that Chris Jones had the #1 pick he chose Josiah St John, I'd say the answer is: 'bungle it'. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good analysis – pantsonfire – although it would be interesting if Jones did trade back – I’m persuaded to agree with you based on his previous draft record – he’ll pick Tyrell first overall. I also agree that Richards is ready to start – his extreme versatility alone (through his football career he’s played safety, then went to linebacker and defensive end) will allow Jones to plug and play Richards where-ever he needs him.

The scouting report and this article are clear: “Richards is long, fast and has a natural flow to his game, in or out of the box, that will translate immediately to the CFL.” The term immediately doesn’t imply two seasons from now he will play.

I don't know, and I could be very wrong here, but my gut is telling me it's too soon to have Tre Ford penciled in for the NFL. And I base that on a number of different reasons that for now I'll keep to myself.

Yes, I understand why Tre's recent showing has drawn interest from NFL teams. And if you draw enough interest from one or two teams, you'll draw some interest from all of them. Because of the media today that has the potential of getting blown out of proportion. I'm just saying. Not that I believe everything I'm saying 100 percent. But something is off here.

It could be that future meetings and workouts Tre has with NFL clubs could have many of those NFL coaches and executives sitting back and thinking, "Ah, that's why this guy didn't show up earlier on our long range scanners." The NFL is a funny, fickle league.

I"m thinking what every CFL team is working on right now is trying to get a 'feel for the bottom' in regards to how the NFL will deal with this unique player. Never mind the upcoming NFL draft. Could Tre land a multi-year gig working on NFL practice rosters? Or more of course.

Tyrell going first overall could be a lock, but I gotta say my gut is saying "hold on, not so fast yet."

Well then it's not a lock.

Well, nothing's a "lock". That's why this is a "mock".:drooling_face:

True. But there was the Bombers taking Faith Ekakitia #1 the next year & Hamilton grabbing Mark Chapman 1st overall in 2018. Those teams weren't exactly known for making bad choices. :roll_eyes: It's a crap shoot.

Stay tuned JB. Ambrosie has just ruled that J-Min Pelley can enter the draft one year early. On a ruling by the commissioner that means he goes to the Supplementary Draft the week following the regular draft. Who gets 1st pick? Jones. He would have to forfeit his 1st round pick in 2023 but gets a 6'6", 325 lb, giant to play the middle who it is said would be a top 3 pick this year in the regular draft. When you already have 6'6", 312 lb Cole Nelson from the 2021 draft, these 2 athletic behemoths could be a nightmare in the middle on D once their raw talent is groomed. A lot of things are falling in place with the Elks since putting that disastrous year behind them.:call_me_hand::clap:

Chris Jones does put together a top shelf D

Cole Nelson who basically didn't play at all for last year's EE ?; we shall see if Jones gives him any playing time either.

Hey - pantsonfire - appreciate the heads-up on this turn of events. Going to do a little research and follow-up with you later. As we've discussed before, this is going to be a very competitive team this year - I'm excited to see what unfolds throughout the season - especially at QB. I'm hoping Barrett is something special - guess we'll see! Cheers!

Doubtful ont. They have 2 Oldtimers @ DT in Henry & Charles & Jones likes size. Nelson will be in his 3rd year after the draft next year so he doesn't get expensive until 2024 so there's time to see what he can do. By then Henry & Charles are almost certainly gone. When he didn't sign Boateng & Betts, he explained that he wants imports on those positions. They had 2 imports @ DT, thus trading away Moore to clear the way for Henry, who was long rumoured to go to the Elks, & Charles. The DT position will remain National IMO - depending upon what happens with the ratio which looks like it is up for change this year. If so, might be a lot of juggling on all teams going forward. Good point. Cheers. :smirk:

Almost forgot. Elks also landed in 2nd spot on Global draft. Doesn't it look, after the year where nothing went right, everything is lining up for them this year? Ciao.

Honestly – pantsonfire – the organizational rot goes back to 2018, the double EE started a slow steady decline which culminated in last years train wreck. Each season produced mediocre rosters which were based more on financial decisions rather than football decisions. The overall football operations structure was a mess, they drafted poorly, didn’t develop their players, and the Canadian talent was sub-par. The fiasco of Scott Milanovich resigning and the hiring of Jaime Elizondo made an already poor situation even worse.

So yeah – it’s nice to have an off-season that’s focused and competent. The possibility of adding new, young talent to the roster from the draft, global draft, and supplemental draft makes it even better!

Edmonton will choose a player who can help them NOW. They'll concentrate on the most 'game ready' combine prospects available and pick the best one who probably WON'T jump to the NFL.

That was easy. :smiley: