Mobley Retires from Eskimos...

YAY!!! :lol: :thup:

about time!


Dude was a good player. And coming from me, seeing as how dude was an Eskimo thats saying something.

He's was released from the Esks about two months ago, and hasn't been picked up since, so many could see this coming. I congratulate Mobley on a very successful career(even last year he was one of the Eskimos' best players on defence) and how involved he was within the community. Best of luck Mobley!

Good luck Mobley you were a force for those Ekimoooos

What a run he had, played a tough game and yes red05...he was a force. I couldn't stand the guy when he played, but if he actually retires...Goodluck in the future Senoir..

YEs Hanker I agree with you he is one player you hated your team to play against. Where you been? The bomber fans have had to rely on piggy and pappa! And you know they did a crummy job! :lol:

No need to get off topic so soon 05.

I wouldn't be surprised to see SM back in the league by mid season if the injury bug or a lack of production forces a team to make some changes. For all the good the SMS is doing, it is forcing some guys to hang em up who otherwise could still be playing.

Well piggy it is business some of these guys believe it is better to retire then to play for less money. This is the growing pains of the SMS. If a player really wants to play not so much for the money he will be there if not he just might have a ticket sitting next to watching the game. This is the new reality for CFL football. Yes it is sad to see this happen to some of these guys but when they came to play up here in the first place there were no garauntees right.

Wouldn't be too confident about Mobley playing somewhere else this season.

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You've heard of flag football?

Singor Mobley spent his entire 12-year career playing flagship football.

Three years with the Dallas Cowboys and nine with the Edmonton Eskimos. From America's Team to the class of the CFL.


[b]All his professional life he's been steeped in history, tradition, distinction and success. The Cowboys and Eskimos weren't football teams, they were institutions.

So after 12 years in Cadillac franchises, he just couldn't bring himself to throw his gear in the back of a minivan. [/b]

So it's all over. If he can't play for the Eskimos, he won't play at all.

"I've been thinking about it for a while," said Mobley, in announcing his retirement yesterday at Commonwealth Stadium. "It just didn't feel right, me playing in a different uniform, because I bleed green and gold."

Mobley, released by the Eskimos in a salary cap move two months ago, thought about hanging on for another year or two - taking less money to play somewhere else - but never pursued it with much vigor.

"I made a few phone calls, but my heart wasn't in it," said the two-time Grey Cup champion.

"It just didn't feel right to go and play with any old team. If there's any team I wanted to play with it's this one, unfortunately that's not happening, so I decided to retire."

It's not easy, especially knowing he probably has another year or two of football left in his 34-year-old body.

"I'm pretty sure I do, but I'm just not going to go and play for anyone. This organization is top-notch; when you get used to that it's pretty hard to lower your standards."

He made his mind up for good after flipping through a Sports Illustrated article, Old Faces in Wrong Places, about players like Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith, hanging on and ending their careers in Seattle and Arizona instead of San Francisco and Dallas.

"I put myself in that same situation, playing for the Eskimos all these years and thinking about playing in a different uniform, and it just didn't feel right to me."

So he leaves, adding another name to one of the great lists in Canadian sports: Eskimos linebackers.

"Danny Bass, Dan Kepley, Larry Wruck, Willie Pless, it's just an honour to be a linebacker and play for this organization," said Mobley, who'll continue to live and work in Edmonton.

"When I first came here in 1995 there was a group of people who taught me what Eskimos football was all about. Jed Roberts, Malvin Hunter, Leroy Blugh, Willie Pless and Larry Wruck.

"From the very first day they demanded we play at a certain level, and ever since that day that's how I've tried to play, every play."


In an eloquent, nine-minute opening statement yesterday, Mobley thanked God ("For blessing me with the physical and mental strength to play 12 years"), his dad ("For teaching me how to play, to be hard-nosed), his mom ("Even though she didn't really know what position I played when I started, she was always there to support me through good times and bad times") and Hugh Campbell ("He gave me an opportunity to seize the moment and 12 years later I'm up here calling it quits, so I think I did").

"I've only played for two organizations and they're the two best organizations in North America, the Dallas Cowboys and Edmonton Eskimos. I don't think you can get any better than that."

Teammate A.J. Gass called Mobley a perfect teammate who left an indelible mark on the franchise.

"He's the epitome of what you think an Eskimo player should be. Anybody who was in our locker-room the past few years knows how Singor played the game and knows he poured his heart out on that field, left it all out there. That's what you want to pass on."

Good for Mobley a class guy. I can totally understand his reasoning. He has done well with his career time to move on.