I have a sneaking suspicion that Mo is going to be a Leo next year. Just a gut feeling and it makes me a little sick to be honest.

What makes you say this?

I don't see any reason why Javier Glatt won't continue to play middle linebacker for the Lions. So, Lloyd would likely be switching position if he was to go to BC. So BC is not a perfect fit for Mo Lloyd.

I think Anton McKensie will be one the the guys who is not back. Only because of the success of Renauld Williams when McKensie was injured. McKensie's awesome play will constituit a hefty pay raise and that could be a factor for not signing him when we already have a cheaper guy who is already under contract and can play as a starter.

Well..........if I was the head coach in BC (and Lions' fans can thank their lucky stars that I am not, I suppose)........and I had both Glatt and Lloyd, then Lloyd is playing MLB and Glatt has to either (a) change position; (b) be content to be a backup; or (c) take a hike.

There is no way on God's green earth that I could justify playing Javier Glatt ahead of Mo Lloyd at middle linebacker.

I agree Mo is better than Glatt. But supposing you were BC's head coach.

(1)You just released a proven Canadian in Jason Clermont

(2)Glatt is a canadian, making him a backup means you have to put another canadian in somewhere in addition to Clermont's spot.

(3) Switching positions would require adjusting time.

My arguements have nothing to do with Glatt being a better player than Mo, he's not, Mo is way better. But given the NI ratio, the fact you already have a NI MLB who has been playing strong and QB's the front 7. You could probably justify as BC's head coach not aggressively pursuing MO Lloyd and no one would question your judgement.

This is good news as if all this BS makes any sense, Mo Lloyd will not likely go to BC.

you better hope Mo doesn't go to B.C. but Glatt's squirming a bit. Wally likes players who are on the up-side of their career and Javy looked like he was going the other way last season. What do their contracts look like I wonder?

why would you ever say that? There is no reason. why would eric tillman would give away the best deffencive player we have?

$ don't need to say much more

I just don't think he will be back next year.

I agree Madjack. As much as I like the local kid (Glatt) Lloyd would start ahead of him.

Perhaps because Tillman hasnt signed him yet!

'cause he didn't dominate last season like he has before. Maybe he didn't have to with Wake there but there were a few plays he wasn't there when he should have been, it seems to me.

Anyone see Vanstone's article today where he says :

There are rumblings that the all-star middle linebacker covets at least $150,000. If he receives that kind of loot, it will not be from the Riders, who prefer to make smarter deals. And, yes, the signing of Clermont falls into that category.
Can you suck up to Tillman anymore Vanstone?? If the going rate for the best lb in the league is 150,000. then it is smart to pay 150,000. You don't let the best MLB we have had in decades go because he wants to be paid like it. You pay him, and you don't pick up an overpriced reciever as a PR move. I am not saying i do not want Clermont, but I sure as hell don't want him if it means no money for Lloyd. DEFENCE wins championships.

agree 100%! where would Sask. have been last year without their D? Screwed, blued and tattooed comes to mind

Totally agree Billy_Soup...
Mo is in the position to play hardball with the Riders, and ET should play right along with Mo.

We have a stable full of ponies and with ET singing his usual bull crap on the cap room the Riders still signed Clermot....So there should be no reason not to sign our most outstanding player on Defense,

It is interesting people were giving Tillman congrats last year when he didn't really have to do anything but shave money off contracts. To which he was able to get most of the high priced players to agree to sign for less money.

This year Tillman states late in the season we should be under cap. Now people are complaining that we have signed Mo yet.

Well, I will ask you to sit back and think, up until the Bishop trade who had the lowest paid starter in the league the riders. Rumor are Marcus signed for even less then what Joseph made last year. By not signing Joseph, we likely spent 100K less then any other team in the league on quarterback. So where is the money going, the linebackers were all likely being paid entry level pay. Chick and some of the others were likely getting paid at the lower end of the salary.

While I don't agree with some of his moves, I suspect Tillman has more then enough money to pay some of these free agents.

Isn't Glatt from Calgary? Hence not local. :thup:

He played university ball with UBC...hence local.


Local would be if he played with the Calgary team, being from Calgary but having played for UBC might give him some local ties but he would, hence, not be a local player. :rockin:

Here's a hair..................anyone care to split it?