Mo Price lets loose on Twitter (re: CFL BS)

[b]Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
However, Maurice is no longer In a position to have $750 deducted from his paycheck 4 telling the truth so things cud get very interesting

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
Maybe, juuuust maybe if CFL players got paid better things like this (early retirement) wouldn't be an issue. ESPECIALLY for an international player

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
Let's get to the bottom line of this.. If you all think I'm the first or will even be the last y'all and the CFL are in 4 a rude awakening

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
It's funny how no one bashes the organization for releasing a player weeks or even days before a big pay day. I can list dozens of examples

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
Or trades them with no warning. Most Fans are way too emotional when it comes to professional sports. And 9/10 have the slightest clue...

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
But I'll be the bad guy & even "go to hell" & be a fake & a poser & whatever else for retiring w/ a few extra $$ in my bank account

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
Meanwhile, I'm guessing cfl fans didnt know about Chris Jones negotiating the Toronto job behind the Stamps back. Not mad at em just saying[/b]

Good for him. He's right on.

He made over 100k for playing a game and only working for 6 months of the year. Give it a rest, you just sound like a self entitled cry baby.


hasn't anybody got anything important to talk about?

Im split on this one. While I do agree that teams will do the same thing to you and cut you before a big pay day, im also of the belief that even though you get paid nickels in your eyes, you make far more than the rest of us schmoes do in a year to play a sport for a few months many would pay to play given the opportunity.

latest tweet...

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
Just got off the phone w/ a couple of former teammates who said they feel exactly how I feel & would do the same thing.

...'cept for the 'trades with no warning' don't have a no-trade clause, tough fact, that one part tells me he is just bitter...a bitter man...a bitter international and unemployed man....

...tell me d&p, do you think he is right on when he says that you don't have a clue?...pretty good chance you are part of the 90% he's referring to, as 90% of us apparently are, according to Mo...

He's right. If it's okay for the teams to do it then it's okay for the players to do it too.

Mo should read Meat of the Hoof, although I'm sure he's familiar with the book and what has happened in the US with college football.

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found the following tweet to be very seems Jones has a history of back-alley dealings...

Mr. Price is Right ?@MauricePrice17
Meanwhile, I'm guessing cfl fans didnt know about Chris Jones negotiating the Toronto job behind the Stamps back. Not mad at em just saying

Yeah the league fined the Argos for that.

Players are unionized. They have more say than most people have about their job. They signed that CBA. It's on them.

Someone needs to remind these jokers about this:

That was a long time ago and there was a $5,000 :roll: given out for that happening. That was interesting years ago. Price assuming CFL fans don't know about it just shows that you don't need grades to graduate U.S. colleges if your on a scholarship. That 30,000 bonus is going to have to last the dude a couple years I'm thinking. Eighther that or minimum wage to supplement it.

Guessing opportunity knocked so he took the money and ran. I doubt he took 30 grand and ran with no prospect away from the game, snubbing a 6 figure salary.

yes, but it would appear that Jones still continued with these shenanigans even after the Toronto gig.
the Riders better keep a close eye on him...

There's not enough :roll: emoticons for this level of butthurt.

Time Mo gets a regular job paying $15.00 an hour, maybe even less, doing whatever and then he'll understand that making $100,000 for 6 months isn't so bad after all.

Exactly. Trades aren't a new concept. It's part of the business that he chose to participate in.

And he may feel justified in keeping the bonus based on players getting cut prior to receiving one. Maybe it even happened to him in the past, for all I know.

But Saskatchewan certainly hasn't done it to him, so I can't buy into his reasoning. Unless he plans to play Robin Hood and share that bonus with players who have been shafted by Saskatchewan in the past. I have my doubts there.

That being said, does the Saskatchewan organization even really care? I've heard nothing from them. I get the sense they see it as nothing more than an occupational hazard.

If it was not for the CFL a lot of these guys would have been flipping burgers for a living instead of making good money to play a game. Nobody forced him to come here.