Mo Mann

Any word if he's playing tomorrow?

How deep was the cut to his foot?

He is not playing


Any timeline on when he'll be back?

Soon I hope..... I think he is practicing

His heal is still not right ..
There hoping he'll be fine after the bye-Week

Which "I" receiver sits if he plays? Williams, Kelly or Grant? They all look great to me.

I think its gotta be Grant

From the sounds of it, Bellefeuille is going to rotate them:

There is a legitimate concern that none of this trio has ever played close to 18 games in a season, let alone the 21 it takes to win a Grey Cup, but Marcel Bellefeuille has already been sizing that one up. Mann will be in action in the second half, if not earlier, which will divert some playing time, and attention, from the youngsters. Bellefeuille believes that will leave him with four receivers — the three rookies, plus McDaniels, who was four yards short of 1,000 last season — to fill two spots. [b]He’s hinting he’ll rotate the four through those two openings, to keep everyone fresh.[/b]
link: [url=] ... ce-strides[/url]

I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly plays a bit on the outside.

I had no idea Mann was so funny. He really enjoyed the "Argos suck" chant in the endzone and was such a great escort for the visiting team as they left the field. It was great.

Hopefully Carlos Thomas will be back after the bye week. Shivers is the worst tackler I've ever seen and Francis is getting better each week (He was an absolute beast on ST last night).

As for Mann, I suspect that when he comes back we'll move Kelly to the outside and put Maurice back in the slot, leaving Bakari Grant off the gameday roster. You never know though.

It's nice to have so many options.

all 3 Young WR can play ..

I agree with those that feel Grant moves off the active roster moving Kelly to the short side wide receiver spot.