Mo Mann Trash Talk?

Only Toronto Argo players are allowed to make Racial/Political statements and trash talk after scoring a TD and not be flagged or penalized for it like Mo Mann said after he scored the Argo's second TD, something about Brown getting wrongly shot or something??

Watch even if the CFL officials replayed it there would be No fine, Yet when certain players in the CFL make racial stuff on media about Michael Sam and coming out of the closet in pro-football they get fined and as they should but do it to everyone, Mo mann should not be able to make a comment outside of Football, or his family or team mates like most players do.

It's one thing to have an opinion it's another to make a statement on TV when you get the camera in your face, any other player would be flagged or fined, Washington of Winnipeg was flagged for Taunting, I've seen Tiger-Cats flagged for Taunting, never have I seen a Toronto player flagged for Taunting, they can say what they want and do what they want, I think the officials love these guys or something??

I think he said it on the sideline away from the refs because the camera moved away and back to the field pretty quick. It might've been because of what he said but they wouldn't flag him for something said off the field of play to a camera.

Toronto did receive a penalty for taunting

I posted this at half Time they received their first Taunting Penalty after my post but back to the Mo Mann words after the TD he scored, it's too bad that this Michael Brown lad was shot by Police but it happened in St. Louis in the USA not in Canada and Mo Mann thought this was a great opportunity to give his political and racial views on TV to viewers on TSN and ESPN or viewers watching in the CFL in the USA.

Opinions political or otherwise related are not allowed and shouldn't be allowed by players of the game, to praise God, anyones God, family or team members should be the only words allowed otherwise fines should be handed out!