MNF opener letdown

You beat me to it.

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I believe that in overtime if one team gets a field goal then the other team gets one possession to tie or win. I thought I heard that in the ref’s explanation of the rules to the team captains.


Each team gets a possession . Both teams did and the Jets scored to end the possession .

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Yes you are correct.
If Buffalo had scored a TD the game would have been over. Had they of kicked a FG the Jets would get the ball to tie or win.

But each team is not guaranteed a possession (if a TD is scored first).


In the NFL, teams play in a 10-minute overtime, and each has a chance to possess the ball. If the team with the ball first scores, the second team will have the chance to match or take the lead. If the game is still tied after both possessions, overtime moves to sudden death, where the next team to score wins.

That’s the playoff rule.

I sit corrected . My bad :upside_down_face: