MNF opener letdown

Hi all. I know it’s not CFL but the Monday nighter was “billed” as a QB battle of Rodgers vs Allen.
Aaron didn’t even get through his first possession without suffering a suspected ankle injury. There has been an update from the Jets saying x-rays are negative and that he is out for the game.

Starting star QB’s getting hurt so early in the season really takes the steam out of marquis match-ups. Much like we see up here.


Rodgers kinda pulled a Bo…


Catch for TD by Jets receiver Wilson was unreal. Check it out.

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It indeed is too bad after all the hard knocks hype. Hopefully Rogers is not out for long. The Jets seem to be one of the sad sack teams of NFL.

QB Zach Wilson beat Buffalo last year; would be nice to see him do it again.

Crazy game. Jets outwork the Bills. Allen with 4 turnovers. Blown non-call by the refs on the last play seals the win.

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" The Jets seem to be one of the sad sack teams of NFL." . Not this year. They have a great D with 3 intercepts against the Bills . :+1: :+1: :+1:


Didn’t matter that much. They would have kicked a field goal anyway.

Jet’s Defence is to be feared though. 4 turnovers and they shut the Bills down.

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Shades of BLM here. Off-season hype, lots of fan marketing, photoshops of #8 in green. (Except Aaron is 7 years older than Bo.)
Tough break for Jets fans.

Originally looked like an achilles, I think ankle was either wishful thinking or they didn’t want to distract from the game.

But it’s probably an achilles. Not good at all for Jets fans.

And they’re already saying the turf had something to do with it (they hate turf in the NFL)

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Tom Brady to the Jets now???
Nathan Rourke??

Wentz, Flacco, Foles, even Rivers probably on their radar.

Bet they wish they had Mike White right now

I’m far from an Aaron Rodgers fan,
I kind of wanted him to fail,
Not like this
It does kinda suck


I hear Chris Streveler knows their playbook the best…and he’s available…lol

Good point. I didn’t see it, but am told he was interviewed, while visiting Winnipeg, on the telecast of the Banjo Bowl.

Interesting that the Jets Head Coach started off his post-game press conference with an injury update on their star QB.

How refreshing.

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Another torn Achilles! Is there a need for Achilles work outs? Many of these injuries are on non or partial contact too. Me thinks QB’s need to be in better shape. The arm isn’t everything!

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Turf. Turf. Turf

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The plastigrass claims another one…

Is it that simple though? Why is it overwhelmingly QB’s?

They have the ball the most - but it’s not. Theres a long list of players that the turf at Metlife has claimed.