MNF goof up looks good on the NFL!

With all the anti CFL people out there mocking our game, this looks good on the NFL,

I have no sympathy and I think it's funny how the NFL is screwing their game up with these replacement Refs. a seahawks fan, this is total justification for the 2005 SB non-TD by Rothlesberger...haha, go sh!thawks go

That was one of the most, if not the most brutal, calls I've ever seen, I can't believe they allowed a td on that one. Yikes!

Forgot to say cflisthebest, the mockers of the CFL are those that know only too well our brand of gridiron in this country is the absolute no. 1 brand. That's why they mock, they can't stand to admit that Canada's version rocks the best!! :wink:

What are they going to say when the regular refs come back and make some of the same mistakes? :stuck_out_tongue:

So which league looks "BUSH" now Toronto " all bow when you say NFL" media !!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Packers robbed on missed Offensive pass interferance; some betters to get relief.

So I'm reading this blog post on espn
The referee decision to award the TD to the seahawks has give the packers players an excuse for losing. I can understand their feelings as to the outcome but for instance take the comments from guys on the oline in the article - sitton and lang - something needs to be done the NFL doesn't care! yada yada yada ... Meanwhile that oline gave up 8 sacks - 8 freakin sacks! Unreal. Maybe in all their complaining they should take some responsibility in the loss with their shoddy protection of Rodgers.
Had they been that much better the game result might not have rested on this one play. Gotta admit though, its nice to see the Pack at 1-2.

Those who actually watched the at least the 4th quarter of the game and are not Seahawks homers know that many bad calls were made for sure. One of the others was one of the worst pass interference calls in history as well.

It was worse to watch this game than it was the previous Monday Night game.

I was so pissed off at all the penalties and bad calls that I almost tuned out before the end in fact!

The only reason we are in this sports bind in the US, as is also usually the root cause of most other American binds past and present of far larger proportions, is one word -- GREED. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

At least the popular opinion is for the old referees and not with those bojack greedy owners again. :thup:

Even the media are taking the side of the public for the most part. The latter would not have happened in the media age before social media prior to about 2006-2007 but for techies and nerds. :thup:

The NFL is well on course to going down the road of the WWE in which mostly only entertainment value and only this "fantasy" crap matter. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

So keep training the referees and improve the video replay process (just copy the NCAA where it works!) so you don't screw it up like we did in a matter of three weeks of games after plenty of cause for concern even in the preseason!

The NFL is well on course to going down the road of the WWE

Paolo, the NHL has the NFL beat still though on that road with how inconsistent the reffing is and that's not even mentioning allowing a thug like Todd Bertuzzi to continue playing the game. And you can still fight in the NHL and stay in the game. I don't even think the WWE allows that come to think of it or maybe it does, haven't watched it in a very long time. The NFL still plays a more disciplined game of gridiron, hockey I'm just not sure what this sport is anymore.

And greed is also part of the many problems Canada has as well, not just America. I think both countries are equal in this aspect.

how did you become a seahawks fan?

I have to sympathise here, for that was also one of the greatest garbage calls of all time in any game let alone easily one of the top five worst for a Super Bowl.

That was also the first Super Bowl I ever bet in Las Vegas, and I did very well too.

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For those who did not watch the ENTIRE 4th quarter as did I as hard as this game was to watch, note the fine summary here by Aaron Rodgers of how bad it was with the calls and how bad these referees are as well.

And the NFL goes out of its way to stand behind them …what a bunch of steamin’ hot crap! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Well, they didn't entirely stand behind the replacement refs in their statement. They did say that Tate should have been called on an offensive PI call which was missed. But the NFL has painted themselves into a corner, so to speak. They have no choice but to stand behind the replacement refs or else they risk losing in their stand off with the regular refs. A number of owners probably believe that paying the refs a large salary plus benefits including retirement packages isn't worth it and this is the end result. To do anything differently they would have shot themselves in the foot at the negotiating table. The NFL as a brand and Goodell himself have been a lighting rod for the blame in the fiasco but to be fair Goodell has to follow the path the owners set out for him in striking a deal with the refs so they are culpable as well.

wow, didn't think I'd ever read this in an American publication in a headlines:

Stapleton: NFL is a joke -- and that’s not funny

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Here's what's a joke. One of the main sticking points between the refs union and the league is over pensions.

The officials work about 36 hours a week -- nearly full time -- and pension benefits have become an important issue to them. It would probably cost each team about $100,000 to settle the pension issue.

As much as $100K is to the average person, compared to league revenues which is in the multibillions this amount is paltry. The more revenue a league seems to generate, the more greed there is. NHL is in the same boat right now. Pathetic.

...I played HS f'ball in the lower mainland, and we played NFL rules...this was in the days before nation-wide cable TV so all of our american feed came from Seattle, so consequently most, if not all, of the games featured the learn the game I was playing better I watched the 'hawks almost exclusively and since '78 the 'hawks have been my NFL team, sick eh? I should be analyzed...

...anyway, this whole thing is all about greed, the great american way, from the owners who could solve the $ issue with the carrying money they have when they're out on the weekend, to the officials as well...most if not all these guys are professionals and career-men in their off season lives and already have pensions and benefits to protect them (Hochuli, for example, is a senior partner at a law firm for crying out loud)...

That's a very interesting find Wolverine, but I am not sure that's the whole picture for the disagreement.

This article says it's more like closer to $20M versus the $3.2M implied by that article.

Even so, the NFL owners damn well can afford that and make it up otherwise somehow at about $625,000 per team too.

And as discussed also in the article and on the site , does anyone else but the owners get a DIRECT share of any given subsidy or tax break by state or local government?

And do they really pass on those savings? Yeah right!

R&W, considering that fine excerpt of your CV below to go with your moderator experience here, maybe you have the the missing ingredient to help Ed Hochuli solve this situation?

Don’t say I did not warn you, as it looks really rough in his boot camp now:


Even so the real question is, in regards to Hochuli well beyond this situation, do you also have tickets to the gun show?