MNF Bills vs Bengals edit: game postponed due to serious incident with Damar Hamlin

edit: unfortunately this game was postponed in first quarter due to the collapse of Bills’ player Damar Hamlin, and his subsequent required medical attention:

original thread post follows:

oh yea should be a good one, last MNF game of the season

This will be the only game in Week 17 between two teams with winning records, and the only game this week between two teams currently in playoff position.

In addition, with Cincinnati having won its last seven games and Buffalo its last six, this will be just the 15th matchup in NFL history of two teams on win streaks of at least six games. The Bengals and Bills' combined 23 wins coming into Monday night are also tied for the most by two teams entering Monday Night Football.

No. 1 seed still up for grabs. While this game will already be entertaining due to the two teams' records and star QBs, the matchup also has its importance for the AFC playoff seeding. Both the Bills and the Bengals have clinched places in the postseason, but still to be determined is their seeding, and most importantly, who will finish the regular season as the No. 1 seed, reaping all the benefits that come with it (home-field advantage, first-round bye). If the Bills win their final two games of the season, they will be the top seed. Obviously that starts with a win over the Bengals. Meanwhile, the Bengals have two goals. First, with the Ravens' loss to the Steelers on Sunday night, a win over the Bills can officially lock up the Bengals' AFC North crown. In addition, their path to the No. 1 seed is more complicated, but still possible. If they can beat the Bills this week and the Ravens next week, and the Chiefs lose their regular-season finale, then Cincinnati can take the No. 1 spot via tiebreakers over Buffalo and Kansas City.


Hopefully it is. On paper it should be game of the week, but it has a run for it's money to be game of the week after the Raiders/49er's back and forth battle yesterday.....

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Didn’t see that game as not shown in my market. The best game I saw was the smash mouth Steelers/Ravens game last night.


looking forward to it.

Canada hockey game and Bills MNF.

sweet evening of fun.


this is a game where the Bills will likely miss Von Miller

i'm guessing 41 - 35 for the Bills

the wildlife intro to this game is sweet

big PI call on first offensive play for the Bengals

holy smokes what a start for the Bengals. TD on first possession.

Beasly sat down when he Allen expected him to keep breaking to the sideline....

That's not good - when they call for the cart that fast.....

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he likely would have scored if he had caught it.

uh oh. man down and it doesn't look good. Hamlin for the Bills, he just fell over after the play.

woah, the ambulance is on the field along with doctors. this is not good at all. the stadium is dead silent. i hate to say it, but this may be a cardiac arrest or something very sinister, judging from the replay and the reaction.

I’ve never seen anything like this - a guy up on his own power and then falling down and staying down. Sure hope he’s OK.

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yea very scary. he got up fine and all. then just collapsed. i can't ever remember seeing an ambulance drive right onto the field.

OMG they have been administering CPR and he's been down over 9 minutes. holy crap get up bro please. this is awful.

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when you see teammates and opposing players huddling together crying you know it's very bad. apparently they were giving him oxygen as he was being loaded into the ambulance. Adam Schefter says he's never ever seen an ambulance drive onto the field to get someone.

how are these guys to be expected to perform and play this game?

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Unfortunately I have seen it a few times.

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woah the game has been temporary suspended so the teams can regroup. this is unreal.

i suspect that the game is going to be called.

It’s not out of question they postpone it.


The last time I saw this was in 1982 when a college referee died on the field.

i think they will. the league is also very sensitive right now with all the Tua stuff going on.