MMR students denied buses for championship

I know many teachers who volunteer their time and good on them.
I think it is much appreciated by students and parents alike.
I also know a great many who put their coaching activities on their resumes.
If you put it on your resume as a reason why you should be hired, then you should not withdraw that service when things don't go your way at contract time or you should be turfed out.

Please do not take from my posts that I have not regularly and repeatedly thanked those who have volunteered their time to coach my children, teach my children, encouraged my children etc. etc. etc...

I have also voluntarily coached, high school basketball, football, small college basketball, hockey and baseball as well including recently in the BMFA and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I also was a supply teacher, educational assistant and custodian in a school baord for a year which certainly grants me a unique perspective I think. I have also volunteered to help in school with other things such as fundraising events and presentations.

Let me repeat once again that yesterdays event would have been within the normal school hours and not additional to them which is exactly why I was so dismayed by the actions taken on both parties. Members of my family are teachers and I have much respect for the profession but not of the political actions taken against students in the name of union solidarity or perceived board policy or political agendas.

Back to Football: Congratulations to Lakeshore Catholic for their exciting come-from-behind victory at the Bowl. (I believe Rocky DiPietro is still coaching this team?)

Apparently the game was indeed great Lakeshore came from 28-8 down to win with 10 seconds to go. Mind you that wasn't great for my son's senior team but he said it was awesome to be there.

I trust you called MMR and asked the Principal why there would be no buses going to the game. Did you just make the assumption that the buses did not go because of the labour unrest?

Politics aside, what the teachers did for past students means nothing to the current student who are missing out. I feel terribly for the kids who in their last years of school and will never have the chance to enjoy the things that they would have enjoyed if the teachers hadn't taken it away. And for what? To make a point? Some of those kids may never have those opportunities again.

The reality is that you don't make a promise to a kid and then break it for a reason that has nothing to do with the kids. All the kids learn is that you can't trust people to follow through on their word. Or that it is not important to live up to your word. Or that personal gain trumps a promise. Or worse, that $$$ is more important to adults than kids are.

While I would never say that teachers are not important, it is clear that they are, I believe they think they are more important than they really are and they will get no sympathy from me until they stop hurting the kids to get what they want.

As a teacher I didn't liked taking these actions but we had to do it as part of the bargaining process with the school boards. Mc Guinty is stripping away previously negotiated terms teachers have bargained for in good faith with their employers, the various school boards across Ontario. What the teacher's unions are doing is protecting the collective bargaining rights of all union members of Ontario who work for both the government and the private sector.


Most of the people who rant and rave about the actions that teachers unions are taking right now aren't in unions, they resent union members, they believe that they are overpaid and their actions always negatively impact on their lives and their families lives. All of that may be true but on the other hand,I say, a rising tide raises all boats. Example; Dofasco's wages over the years. Unfortunately some union members are against these actions to the same degree as non-union members.

I am an active member of a union/association for over 26 years. Most recently I have had my classification downgraded from a 4 to a 1. Some of the our benefits have been reduced. The employer did so all of the downgraded employees will never see a raise again before they retire. So I don't really feel the love for any union person these days who actually think they are worth more and more money than they are currently being paid. I read an article in the paper this morning over 650 thousand jobs have left Canada. The main reason why these jobs have left is because the union executives have talked their members out of a job. Take a look at US Steel and many of the companies that used to be part of the Burlington St landscape. The union should be in place to make all things fair and reasonable. Loosing hard fought benefits is hard to swallow, however this is reality. I wonder how much the president of the teachers union is earning a year? The days when an union bullies the employer and the public that they serve should come to an end. The children will learn a valuable lesson taught by the teachers........I'm not a role model, just someone who will let someone else decide my fait!

A key distinction: Your employer downgraded your classification, the provincial government didn't. School boards are the employers of teachers of Ontario. If the provincial government gets away with altering our collective agreements, who is next? People in unions should think seriously about the ramifications of that and speak out publicly about that to counteract all the teacher bashing I see and hear in the media. The bottom line is teachers unions are trying to protect the collective agreements of their unions and, in effect, every other union in Ontario.

You can't be happy letting others decide your fate. That's why the bottom line for me is I have to be on the side of the teachers unions. I hate how all this crap impacts the student/athletes programs and other after school activities.

P.S. Now that that's out of the way. On a positive note. You will be closer to where the Cats play this year, wildcats.

How about instead of getting angry at the teachers, you get angry at McGuinty and his Liberals for mismanaging the province for so long, and costing taxpayers billions in tax dollars after so many scandals, and there are many

If the provincial government had tabled a reduction in their own benefit and compensation package before taking on the teachers this would have probably worked. Unfortunately, we know the government won't take less but expect others to take less. For obviously reasons all compensation packages must match the current economic climate. You are correct I did not like the fact that someone downgraded my position and expects me to do much more with less money. That is clearly the sign of the times and I don't expect anything to change quickly. As far as being closer to the games in Guelph, that will work out well
except for the parking issue. The team or the city will have to run shuttle service from Stone Road Mall to Alumni Stadium because of the limited parking availability.


Hear Hear! Thanks Hammer

I do not belong to a political party. I once voted on the basis of a party's political platform

Now most of the time I hold my nose and vote except when I feel compelled to vote

against governments that have been in power too long because of crap like this.

Or should I say See See! Read it and weep.

  1. The McGuinty Ontario Health Premium .

  2. The McGuinty Delisting of OHIP Covered Necessary Health Services

  3. The McGuinty eHealth Scandal

  4. The McGuinty Slush Fund Scandal

  5. The McGuinty Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Scandal

  6. The McGuinty CancerCare Ontario Scandal

  7. The McGuinty Municipal Property Assessment Corp. (MPAC) Scandal

  8. The McGuinty Children's Aid Society (CAS) Scandal

  9. The McGuinty Tire Tax -

  10. The McGuinty Ontario Ministry of Health, Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN)
    and Ontario Hospitals Consultant Hiring & Expenses Scandal

  11. The McGuinty Tax Collectors Getting $45,000 Severance Packages
    for switching their job titles from "Provincial" to "Federal" Scandal -

  12. The McGuinty Niagara Falls Commission Scandal - Yet another eHealth-type fiasco,

  13. The McGuinty General Motors Auto Pensions Bailout -

  14. The McGuinty Nortel Pensions Bailout

  15. The McGuinty Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) Tax Increase -

  16. The McGuinty Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown Scandal

  17. The McGuinty Caledonia Scandal -

  18. The McGuinty G20 Scandal -

  19. The McGuinty Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN)
    Review Delay Until After October Election -

  20. The McGuinty Government has made Ontario Tuition Fees the highest in Canada -

  21. The McGuinty Foreign Scholarships Scandal -

  22. The Dalton McGuinty Auto Insurance Scandal -

  23. The Dalton McGuinty Eco-Fee Scandal -

  24. The Dalton McGuinty Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

  25. The Dalton McGuinty Smart Meters Scandal -

  26. The Dalton McGuinty Skyrocketing Hydro Rates
    and disgraceful 10% so-called rebate Scandal -

  27. The Dalton McGuinty Offshore Wind Turbines Scandal

  28. The Dalton McGuinty Green Energy Strategy for Solar Power in Rural Ontario Scandal -

  29. The Dalton McGuinty Samsung Deal Scandal -

  30. The Dalton McGuinty Ontario Sunshine List's Skyrocketing Total Membership Scandal -

That's the

I agree, wildcats.

and Cheers to you, too, wildcats


The team will be providing coaches from Limeridge Mall in Hamilton Hopefully, they’ll do that at Stone Road Mall, too.