MMQB: What do you say, Big Play VA?

Nathan Rourke has made his decision. The superstar Canadian quarterback announced Sunday he was signing with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars after two seasons with the BC Lions. That means the ball will be in the hands of Vernon Adams Jr. for the 2023 season. There’s a lot of reason to be excited about that if I’m a Lions fan.

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Vernon Adams can make the big play but his worst enemy is Vernon Adams; he makes a mistake and you see him beating himself up.

He also appears to be easily threatened; just look back at his tweets when Trevor Harris was resigned by Montreal.

He saw it coming in Montreal and never had a chance. Not the best fit in the world with Rick Campbell but maybe Maksymik can find an offense that favours his skill set.

One thing is they will have to leave him in the game for him to really show his true leadership and value.

Already ahead of Maier and Cornelius without knowing who is playing in Sask.

VA will do fine in BC. The Lions however do need to bring in another good QB to back up VA. In the CFL you really need 2 quarterbacks to win games.Pipkin is not going to do it as a backup if VA is hurt. He has been in the cfl for 5 years and yet he is not a starter. The Lions need a guy like Mathew Shiltz or Arbuckle to back up VA.

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