MMQB: Ticats provide an early Christmas gift

“I’m where my feet are.”

Those five words from Orlondo Steinauer resonated with me more than any others following the 108th Grey Cup. Minutes after a heartbreaking overtime loss to the Bombers, Hamilton’s head coach was asked about rumours linking him to a vacant defensive coordinator job at the University of Washington.

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Kinda sneaky MMQB.

Using click bait of the Ti-Cats fan base, hence the title, when this is just another storie about Edmonton /Chris Jones.

I do agree this is likely the best thing Elks can do to turn their team, fans & next season around quickly, love him or hate him, Jones is the answer, a good/great season may get the newish moniker (ELKS) to become popular with some of the diehard fans. At least I hope so

BTW, "I'm where my feet are"
In legalese is known as "wiggle room" wherever O is, is where his feet are.
Be it in Hamilton, Washington or Chattanooga. He is where he is.
O is smart enough not to paint himself in a corner.

Perhaps your next story will be titled, Rider's / Fajardo will he stay in Saskatchewan?

Then talk about Nichols in Ottawa? Yes. LOL


Very sneaky. But let's face it, Jones is going to a big story going in. You know Jones will be looking at ex players like Jefferson in Winnipeg or Leonard on DL, McCoil or Judge @ WIL, Lacey @ MLB, maybe Marshall, Gainey - al ex players. Not all will wait till free agency but you have to offer maybe more than you want to to sign them early. Maaax had mentioned, maybe rightly so, let Jefferson go & let Jones sign him at a premium. Well, Winnipeg is going to have to make hard decisions on who to keep & who not. Jefferson may be one. It was suggested on 3DownNation, maybe Harris is a guy to let go. You got younger cheaper guys. The Elks have 1/2 as many pending free agents as the Bombers & Riders. How do you fit in Jefferson? Easy. SirVincent Rogers is gone with his $170K contract. #1 & 5 of the highest paid receivers, Walker & Ellingson, are gone or not getting the same $. Boateng & Jefferson tied for highest paid. Likely save money on Boateng. The Elks, unlike Winnipeg, have a lot of wiggle room to play around with & a lot of guys signed, comparatively speaking.

QB will be interesting. Harris, $515K in hard money is gone. Arbuckle signed a CAP friendly deal with little hard money & lots of incentives. Bonus upfront counts in 2021. I can see where they can afford to bring in another good QB. Outside of Hamilton with Evans & Masoli, all teams basically have backups @ or near minimum. With the lower CAP you're looking at maybe $650K for your 3 QB's IMO. Thus carrying 2 near minimum. With Burke in Ottawa, he's going to pick up either Dane Evans or Masoli. That leaves Harris with one place to go - Edmonton at a reduced rate, say $300K. And what about Maier who wants more money. If Jones were to offer $200 - 250K to compete for #1, it would be tough for the other teams to fit him in as a #2. I can see where the Elks could end up with 1 of those 2 options. The possibilities are there due to the Arbuckle contract.

I don't think it will take Jones too long to rebuild. There are a lot of free agents out there & the Elks have a bunch of top end guys who didn't perform. It's going to be a very interesting off season, especially in Winnipeg, Regina & Edmonton out West.


“It’s time for me now to do what is more in line with what (John Hufnagel) and (Wally Buono) did and that’s go somewhere and stay for a long time.”

That's exactly what I said Jones needed to do. Glad he knows it. Time to plant himself & see what grows.

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Those may be Jones's words.........I doubt even Jones believes them.

.......I don't care for him on a personal level ( morally ) but he has the ability to improve a team quickly.

And yes, he will pilfer players from other teams including Winnipeg. That's his job. He will probably bring several new faces that don't know the CFL exists.

The West will be exciting from now until Grey Cup.



It's a bonus story. Be happy. So it's about 'Chris Jones' the most divisive, disloyal SOB guy-you-wanna-beat coach in the CFL... big deal. At least we didn't have to answer a skill testing question, donate sperm, or suscribe in order to continue reading the article. Poor Edmonton Road Kill fans are the ones that'll have to put up with this sorry excuse for a human being. Imagine being THEM.

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Or. . . horror of horrors, showing proof of vaccination!!


I thought that's what the sperm donation was all about. Hmmm. Maybe a few months from now they'll be a few hundred more of me running around in the world.

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I'm hoping he makes EE immediately competitive at least. My dream league contains no patsys, where any team can win on any given day. Turning on the tv & going 'well they'll probably get stomped but I'll watch it anyway' doesn't turn my crank.

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The world is only big enough for one Porky(& trust me that's more than enough).

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The Hamilton Tiger Cats lost this years Grey Cup for one bonehead decision. You do not concede a single point with 1:57 left in the game :question: The Cats would have won by a single point and avoid "OVERTIME" ! Coach O gets a new deal and a new title after this brutal call :thinking: :bangbang:

Geez Ace, not very often we see you this worked up! Being an Argo's fan I would think you'd be thrilled with their defeat😁.

I am a very serious fan of the game Jon. Coach O was the man responsible for this years Grey Cup loss and that is a true FACT ! :rofl:

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