MMQB: The Way Too Early positional bests

When I saw the Way Too Early Power Rankings hit last week, it was another familiar indicator that football is around the corner. We’re a month into 2021 free agency and now have a good idea of what teams are going to look like. So in the spirit of being way too early, let’s look at the best positional units heading into the season.

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I'm most interested in Sean Thomas Erlington of the Tabbies. He showed great promise before he was injured. Curious to see how he has recovered and if he's still on track to meet his explosive potential.

What happened 2 seasons ago means squat today, what with all the roster and coaching changes on all teams this season. Then to factor in the well healed vets who for season after season played somewhat hurt or slightly off healthy. This is an exciting season as I think all teams ,collectively, are going to be more competitive than in past seasons . I expect some teams will surprise everyone on their performance this time around. All the performers will be anxious to get back into football after a year layoff and well motivated to give 100%. Hold onto your season ticket seats as this is bound to be a great ride.
Now if only I could be as sure about the fan participation at the games given this pandemic situation across the country. Here's hoping it works out that we can sit in the stands and cheer our teams on to victory.