MMQB: The Stamps' streak lives on

Even if the 2023 season has been beyond frustrating at times for the Calgary Stampeders, 18 straight years in the playoffs is nothing to scoff at.

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Good for the Stamps. Interesting nugget the other day that the “Alberta” streak lives on as one or the other has always made the playoffs since they were both in the league. HEY - never has an Ontario team NOT been in the playoffs either. And that streak will go on as long as the current format exists - guaranteed. :rofl:


In 2008 no Ontario team made the playoffs.

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Nice find! All 4 (at the time) West team made the playoffs. I say they should keep that rule should we go to 10 teams.

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Whoa. Mind blown… :boom: :beaver:

Oh, yes of course, That Eastern club Winnipeg spoiled the party. Forgot all about that switch. Thanks for the update. Good eye. :rofl: