MMQB: The biggest stories of the off-season so far

Does it suddenly seem like ages ago the Montreal Alouettes were winning the 110th Grey Cup, or is that just me?

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The open window a week before FA is only 2 weeks away.

Ham (32), Cal (29), Wpg (28), SK (26) & Tor (25) are going to have to pick up the pace. Ham looks like they’ll be letting a bunch go as is SK. Wpg & Tor both have a large group of good players so some heavy lifting needed there. Meanwhile the Elks have have only 7 FA’s unsigned (Thomassin retired) - only two “must” signs IMO. Along with the Als (17) & Lions (16) they are all in good position to improve their lot & be picky about their targets.

Hasn’t been announcement but Bo Lokombo appears gone. If rumours out of Regina are true that Shrivers is off to the Elks as DC, expect Lanier to sign as the replacement for Ceresna (another Rider rumour). There’ll be some Argos heading to Mosaic & I would bet a DT (Oakman???) heads there with Ceresna now in TO.