MMQB: The best of 2022

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday weekend and a very Merry Christmas if you celebrated. It’s our last column of the calendar year on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, so I thought we’d look back at some of the stories and people that defined 2022 in the CFL.

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how was Nathan Rourke not even mentioned in this?


I have no idea.

If not Nathan then "the breakout owner" Amar Doman should have gotten some credit. As usual the Lions get a big "FU" from the CFL media.



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I have to agree with the replies. Dalton had a great year but nothing like Nathan Rourke has been seen in the league since Doug Flutie in the 90’s. We may lose him to the NFL but he was spectacular until he was injured and should have won the Most Outstanding Player award despite missing over a third of the season.


Because he never attended a Canadian college that would have made his story even sweeter