MMQB: The anatomy of a Grey Cup win

As I was watching another incredible CFL championship game play out, I was also thinking about the little things that make the difference. In a contest as close as Toronto’s 24-23 triumph over Winnipeg was, small elements that can be easy to overlook end up making as much of a difference as the big, highlight reel moments.

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Great game yesterday. Always enjoy the GC. The game should've gone to OT...a missed FG in the second quarter, which sailed through the endzone and was not returnable, was the difference. I like the single point rule however the ball should be playable.


It was nice to see the field in such good shape, it allowed teams to set plays based on the circumstance of the game and not the field conditions. I thought this would be advantage Winnipeg since a snowy, icy field can level the playing field to some degree. Not often that the team that, in my opinion made more mistakes, ends up winning. Given I did not care who won, the mistakes were the best part of the game, you never knew what could happen next in that last quarter.


Perhaps the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can take Marc Liegghio and his entire family for a nice "Steak Dinner" at one of Winnipeg's finest steak houses. :sweat_smile:

You know the old saying, you win as a team-and you lose as a team. :bangbang:
Steak-Take 1
Steak-Take 2
Steak-Take 3
Steak-Take 4
Steak-Take 5

Steak #5 is for coach Mike O'Shea :rofl: :exclamation:

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I too thought it was a great game - despite not being a fan of either team. It was well played and tough one to lose for either team.

What I am reading about on other news sites is the avoidance of the Saskatchewan Grey Cup organizers to reveal the attendance at the game!!?? Can anyone explain this? - it sounds like a no brainer and it can't be that difficult to give an accurate number attending. Anyone out there with an answer?

Announced as a sellout at over 33,000 tickets sold. BUT, nobody ever announces how many butts are actually in the seats. Look at some of the attendance figures during the season if you want proof of that.

Don't misunderstand my question - I don't require proof. As I mentioned before, the other news sites (CBC for example) ran a story which indicated that the Grey Cup Org, refused to give them the attendance - for no apparent reason. I was asking if anyone else heard the reason for this or has heard an attendance figure. Look at attached link.....

If MacBeth stays in - the Argos do not win 2022.