MMQB: Some burning 2024 questions

Welcome to 2024!

We’re back for another calendar year and only one week in, the off-season news is coming at us fast and furious. With 2024 free agency just over a month away and with a new year officially upon us, we’ve got three burning questions to help frame some of the league’s biggest stories over the next number of months.

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I don’t believe that Tre Ford has anything to worry about - MBT will make an excellent backup QB. Let’s be frank here, MBT just doesn’t have a long history of being a reliable QB and he got lucky and hot in his last two appearances with the Argos. His signing with the Elks is anti-climatic.

You know, Fox, I get a little tired of media & fans alike seemingly dismissing some players while others get a pass. (I do like your bit of sarcasm though😀). McBeth was the Eastern All-Star @ QB his last 2 years in the league, as decided upon by the “experts”. So there’s that. And he was part of the Argo victory, & a big part of them getting there in the 1st place. Did he play great in the GC? No.

On the other side you have Zach - nice guy, everybody loves Zach. Heck, I LIKE Zach. But with the 2 consecutive losses, mostly pinned on the D, he’s flown under the radar. A friend of mine sent me the following article in a CFL site I don’t follow - CFL News Hub. This may surprise you & likely put a target on me.

Zach Collaros playoff stats since ‘19

'23 GC 19/23 236 0 1
‘23WF 14/21 158 0 0
‘22GC 14/23 183 0 1
‘22WF 14/20 178 1 1
‘21GC 21/32 240 2 2
‘21WF 17/21 229 1 3
‘19GC 17/23 170 0 0
‘19WF 17/25 267 1 0
‘19WSF 11/21 193 1 0
Total 144/209 206yds/gm 6TDs 8INTs

Please stop comparing him to Doug Flutie.**

A little dig at the end but, hey, true. Look a little deeper & in the last 3 playoff years he has had 4 TD’s & 8 INT’s. But Zach doesn’t get a whole lot of criticism thrown his way. His stats in the big game aren’t great. He’s now 2-3, batting .400 going back to his Hamilton days. Never mind Flutie, after two Cups the talk was about doing what Ray did - win 4 as a starter. The difference? Ray was 4-1, .800 & took two 9-9 clubs to championships. Zach has been in control of two clubs who have won 29 games the past 2 years & who’ve scored 1 TD in the 4th Qtr of the last 2 GC’s combined.

McBeth - I’m not sure you can say putting up over 4,700 yds his last season is getting “lucky”. And he hasn’t had perhaps the 2nd best OL, best RB &, arguably, the best top 3 receivers in the league to play with, as Zach had this past year.

Let’s see how things play out this year. But make no mistake - this is a big signing.

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You know “pantsonfire” - you are well named and like to see your words in print. Give it a rest, we are allowed to disagree. I do not believe that MBT is all that wonderful, but you can have a different opinion - let’s see what this season brings. I have no idea why you bring Zach into this discussion - he has nothing to do with it.


I think after the 2023 Grey Cup defeat, there is definitely more scrutiny of Collaros’s postseason performance. He’s not getting a pass anymore.

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Of course you are allowed to have an opinion. Works both ways. I do think that an All-Star in his last 2 seasons should just be so easily dismissed. And that some players get a much easier ride. And I have provided you with an example coming from a news source.

McBeth played in the NFL for 5 different clubs from 2011-2016, a 2 X GC champion, 2 X All-Star & was the USFL Passing Leader in his year away. So he is coming off 3 very productive seasons. That doesn’t sound like “unreliable” to me. He left to be close to family last year - he didn’t desert the team.


I remember when Andy Fantuz came to Hamilton tilting The Tiger-Cats to be a winning team and now once again a Canadian player from the Hamilton area may be available that could make games more exciting in the Hammer. I am greatly in favour of a deal with Chris Jones to bring Tre Ford to the Hammer. Tre Ford must be a starting quarterback in 2024 and the Hammer is the most suitable because the Hamilton coach can develop and refine Ford’s natural abilities :chess_pawn:

To “pantsonfire” - this is my last comment specifically to you - I find that you have missed major reasons for my thoughts re: MBT and let’s be honest, it becomes boring bantering with you. These comments I have made in other articles too - so read them, but I will not be responding to you for a while.

My major complaint about Thompson is that he is not a leader that sets a good example for either his team nor for anyone watching. He showed this during the Eastern Final when he pushed and bullied his own coach (Dinwiddie), almost knocking him off his feet. Another coach came in and had to forcibly push MBT away. If it wasn’t for Dinwiddie keeping his cool, MBT could have started a major sideline brawl with his own team! Totally bush league stuff and an embarrassment to the Argos and to the CFL. As far as I know, he was never disciplined for his actions.

I believe that he didn’t return to the CFL out of embarrassment - his wife having a baby didn’t stop him from playing south of the border. I was pleased to see that Kelly carried on very well without MBT being around. It proved that the team was better than MBT and they were responsible for their success.

People can quote MBT’s stats all they want - but yards passed and throws for TDs do not alone a QB make. Character and team commitment count too and MBT failed at both. The Elks are welcome to him - but I am happy that he is not coming to Hamilton - then again it would have been interesting to see MBT push Orlando or Milanovich - he would be bounced out into the back 40 in no time and never be heard from again! Oskee-wee-wee!

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Well then you have Hervey who has bounced a few helmets off referees’ heads, Fox. And Chris Edwards. And Mosca if you go back far enough.
Look some things are done in the heat of passion. My response was to your comment about performance.

If it’s bad behaviour you’re talking about I don’t think either one of us need to go down that Rabbit Hole. But thanks for clarifying that up. We can agree to disagree on that one.

Terrific! Heated argument, fiery words, from pantsonfire, fox, dandp, others. it is time there was passion. Bring on the rivalry! It used to be a real hate-on when Eskies and Stamps clashed, now a polite tea party.

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Yes, we can disagree - hopefully with a bit of class, Good-bye.

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