MMQB: Looking forward to 2022's sophomore class

I really enjoyed watching how many first-year players excelled during the 2021 season. Last year’s group of CFL rookies not only made big impacts, but by and large were important players on good teams. That’s why I’m looking forward to seeing what the sophomore class has in store as a follow-up for the 2022 season.

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Let's all hope these guys commit to the CFL & ignore that lucrative pie in the sky called the NFL. Too much praise & they'll start thinking big. A bird in the hand, fellas, a bird in the hand.

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Good read. Tyrell Richards would look really good in that rotation in BC. Plus he could rotate on the DL where the Lions have a couple of Nationals. But IMO, especially in light of Jones having dined with him prior to the combine, Elks take him. With Morgan & Richards & being thin on DE right now, that would be interesting as well.

I would expect Schaffer-Baker to take on a bigger role in Regina but, if Moore & Evans are both healthy, it'll be hard to move up the ladder in the rotation. Still, with his size, got to find a way to keep him busy as he creates nightmare matchups in the secondary.

Moore is not healthy and Evans to put it nicely did not have a good year. Beyond me why the Riders are not looking at Ricky Collins. I think they are living in denial and could finish 4th.

Apparently Moore’s at the halfway point of what’s normally a 9-month recovery for a torn ACL/MCL… Be surprised if he’s back much before Labour Day.
Evans performance last year was understandable. I mean, the guy rehabbed a broken leg (fibula) and returned to play in just 9 weeks. Considering he finished out the season in pain, it’s pretty clear he came back too soon. I’d wager he’ll return to form this season.
Ricky Collins has 7 TDs in 61 games – suspect that’s one reason we’re not looking at him. Another reason is we’re already loaded at receiver (15), most of which are starting-caliber. I suspect others will be added from various try-outs this spring as well.

You are being very hopeful.

Paul McRoberts and Ricardo Louis are candidates for the third import behind Duke Williams and Shaq Evans to start the season. Neither will draw double coverage.

There are more very good rookies that were not mentioned in this article. Nic Cross of Hamilton did very well on special teams.

Quote from Ticats' website - MOST OUTSTANDING SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER: LB Nic Cross
Cross, 22, has appeared in 11 games for the Tiger-Cats so far in his rookie CFL season in 2021, registering two defensive tackles and 16 special teams tackles. His 16 special teams tackles ranks him tied for third in the league and just one behind second despite playing in two fewer games than anyone else in the top five in that category. The 5-10, 210-pound native of Regina, Saskatchewan was selected out of the University of British Columbia by the Ticats in the first round, ninth overall, in the 2021 CFL Draft.

I don’t see why the Elks wouldn't Richards. They already have Konar and McDonald. It gives them the needed depth to go Canadian at WLB.

Defensive end is pretty deep this draft with Knight, Cherry, Archibald, Frederico, Pickett, etc.

What can I say – lots to be hopeful for. We’re all but set at QB, most of our receivers have returned, and our OL has improved. Only question mark offense-wise is RB.
As for McRoberts and Louis, I agree. Neither is likely to draw double coverage. But I also fully agree with pants’ comment above – that Schaffer-Baker takes on a larger role this season. Did you happen to notice how many guys it takes to bring him down?

Love the Schaff and Bake for sure and some good national receivers behind him. Maybe Jana joins Picton and Harty in a rotation.

Far from set at QB imo. Mason Fine might be okay but is yet to be seen. It would be the story of the year if C.F. broke his leg and Fine became the starter to lead the team to a winning season.

Don't like that there are no extension discussions for 2023 ongoing with C.F. and think the longer it goes with no other option the more tilted it becomes in Fajardos favor. Could be that they are waiting for the CBA.

Strong at linebacker and a good kicker though.

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In February Farhan Lalji reported that Jana retired, and only “formally” remains on the roster. Lalji is the only one to report this, so there’s that.

I only meant that Cody’s the undisputed starter, and Fine closed out the season at bk-up. But I suspect newcomer Dolegala will unseat Fine – he’s 6’7, 242 lbs. with NFL experience. I’m sure some camp arms will be brought in as well.

Cody wears his heart on his sleeve, and I doubt management wants him starting with extension talks looming. I’d wager an extension’s in place by Week 1.

Agree, no problem with kicking. Definitely flush at LB, and the DL rebuild looks promising to me. My biggest concern is the secondary – definitely could use some veteran presence back there.