MMQB: Let the free agency speculation begin

It feels like the CFL’s quarterback carousel has been busy every off-season over the last number of years. I don’t see that being any different as we prepare for 2022. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are at the forefront of this coming year’s conversation.

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Sounds, to me, the Trevor Harris carousel has not stopped just yet. If he could only become the starting QB he thinks he is. Maybe arena football or QB coach ... at the university level.

Not sure Harris is a team guy; his constant movement supports this.
Not sure if he could be a number two in this league.
Doesn't he have another year on his contract?

Yes he does, although it is likely the Als would walk away from that contract before a rather large bonus is due.

Also, the list linked to this article is not accurate. Just a quick look tells me that on the Bomber list Darvin Adams is present when he is under contract for next year.

Jon, Adams was recently signed but this being the official league site, the names don't get taken off the free agent list here, I believe, until the contract is officially registered with the league office. It is entirely possible, even probable, that more players have already been signed by teams & we won't hear of it till after Christmas. Sunderland, for one, announced signings which didn't get taken off the board for more than a week in some cases. I noticed Elk signings were particularly slow for being put on the official tracker. Maybe they send the contracts in en masse.

As for Trevor, he's just been released. His bonus comes due Jan 1, I believe, so that's a no-brainer. So you hit the nail on the head there. But Trevor seems to have ex-teammates diss him whenever he leaves. Pruneau, I believe, in Ottawa had things to say as did Sewell this year in Mtl. Who knows what happened in Edmonton but IMO you don't let him go for a poor performance 1 game. I suspect there was more to the trade than that. It's not like they had a viable option behind him. Arbuckle came later.

Thanks. Didn’t know the list was not up to date or until now that Harris had actually been released.



Translation, let all the false rumours begin because the NHL trade deadline is still too far away.