MMQB: Has Hammer Time arrived?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have closed the gap.

With wins in three of their last four and with Montreal sustaining a fourth consecutive loss over the weekend, both teams sit 6-7 and are tied for second in the East Division. After Saturday’s signature 29-23 win over the Blue Bombers, Hamilton is playing its best football of the season with lots still left on the table.

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Second place in the East could very well be decided during the last weekend of the season, when Mtll and Ham meet. If they met today, I’d pick Hamilton. Powell’s turnaround can be largely attributed to Scott Milanovich. Everywhere he’s gone, QBs have thrived
Lion’s comeback was a kicker for Ottawa. They are snake bit. So many games lost by just a few points. They won’t make the playoffs but sure as heck can play spoiler.

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Between Jason, Noel, Fajardo and Danny, they cannot tell if they are coming or going, bad play calling, poor decisions, lack of cohesion, serves them right if Hamilton overtakes them.

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If Hamilton is to finish in second place they must keep improving each game and win most of their games. If they do not finish second then nothing has changed from last season and last season the Cats had an even more dramatic shoot-out win over the Bombers with Evans as their leader. It is a strange season in the CFL where players are almost unstoppable in one game but disappear in the next. There are no scripts in the CFL games with twists and turns that will amaze and shock fans and pundits. As a Tiger-Cat fan, I say give us, the fans a hell of a shock. :football:

I have been a Cat fan for 75 years and what is happening now with this turn-around season has happened before. It is my hope that the Tigers will win the Grey Cup this year. If everyone can stay healthy and perform - they have as good a chance as any team. Once the play-offs arrive anything can happen.