MMQB: Four huge off-season storylines

The dust has barely settled after Toronto’s thrilling 109th Grey Cup triumph and yet it’s already hard not to get caught up in the buzz of the off-season. Free agency is still more than two months away, but we’ve already seen a frenzy of activity as team’s prepare for 2023. It’s going to be a busy winter and here are some of the top storylines to track over the next few months.

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This is an interesting quote. Did Rourke have a shot in the NFL at another position?

Yes, Rourke got a tryout as a receiver


yea i think it was NY Giants (as a receiver).

Cody Fajardo got little respect in this article,his name not hilighted like the others. Yes we know the clowns here for most part dont like him,but is really only 2nd best option after Bo,though I myself would build team around Cody. Save your hate,probably wont even check for responses

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On a certain level I hope Rourke does not go the NFL route. So many players, having done well up here, go down South but few are kept. Those that come back to the CFL just don't seem to be the same. I'm thinking as an example Derrell Walker.


I think if Fajardo had a solid line in front of him, an offensive coordinator who isn’t a mad scientist type play caller, with a team that didn’t have all the disciplinary drama of the current Riders he would probably making news in a much more positive way.


I think Bo, Evans, and Fajardo are all still capable starting quarterbacks. A new start in a new city? Could be the right ticket for success…..depends on the fit.

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