MMQB: Five free agents who might be difficult to keep

Goodness, does off-season mode kick in quick. Here I am still buzzing about Montreal’s win over Winnipeg in the 110th Grey Cup while most of the CFL world seems to have already turned its focus to the 2024 season.

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Hopefully the CFL Board of Governors will make Commissioner Randy Ambrosie a Free Agent as we need better management at the CFL Head Office. Here we are 2 weeks from Christmas and there is NO 2024 CFL SCHEDULE! It should be a League Business Standard that the next CFL annual schedule be released a week before the Grey Cup. This will allow the following:

  1. Tickets can be purchased during the excitement of Grey Cup Week.
  2. Fans can buy Black Friday Airline Discount Flights to attend CFL away games.
  3. Families can buy CFL Season Tickets as their primary Christmas Present.

Randy Ambrosie has forgotten his job is to facilitate team success through ticket sales. With the CFL being this poorly organized that fans can’t buy 2024 tickets means fans can’t plan expenditures or family vacations around attending CFL games. Since Christmas will be here “on time”, families are committing their limited gift and entertainment dollars to other events that are NOT the CFL…


I actually thought that Ambrosie was doing a decent job as the CFL Commissioner. A few weeks ago, I listened to his address to the league and felt that he was a busy guy doing his best. My only real concern is still not seeing any progress being made in acquiring an East Coast team - but we can’t blame that on one person - can we?


Randy Ambrosie, however, is aware that the CFL schedule is quite dependent on other sport league scheduling conflicts throughout the season. There are other scheduling conflicts with any number of events planned in CFL locations. As the CFL doesn’t dictate other’s schedules, they obviously coordinate their scheduling efforts. These considerations and cooperative efforts don’t occur overnight, especially when there are cascading (each event schedule impacting another down the line) conflicts.
Sure, in a perfect world, having the schedule set early would be great for individual’s planning their vacations/expenditures, etc. but realistically there are many other considerations.


I too am starting get impatient with East coast team not getting done. I honestly thought by now it would be done and we would be talking about Quebec city getting a team. Especially while football has been sort of front and center for the last 10 or so years in the province of Quebec.

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After today I’m out of here till Christmas so an early “card” to everyone.

T’was two weeks before Christmas & all of the teams
Were still signing FA’s, or thus so it seems.
GM’s they stacked wishes in Santa Claus’ sack
And them he had promised least one signed contract.

The Argos they pleaded - please give us Ouellette.
While one province over they want Beverette.
The REDBLACKS would most like to re-sign Leone.
And could he get teams to leave Carter alone?

Despite injury issues, the Cats wamted Wynn.
If the Riders lose Bane, the receiving corps’ thin.
The Lions big wish? Just had to be Betts.
If Bombers keep Brady that’s as good as it gets.

With the fewest free agents, the Elks feel secure.
But Santa, sign A.C. - just to be sure.
The Stamps list is long but that’s how it goes.
It’s a pretty good bet they’ll want to sign Rose.

As long as the team is in Santa’s good graces.
There’s sure to be teams with big smiles on their faces.
He still has some time to check his lists twice,
So keep your sheet clean & be extra nice.

We’re off on a ski trip, so likely no postin’,
‘Til past Christmas mornin’ when chestnuts are roastin’.
To all of the fans who have posted on here,
Good health & prosperity in the upcoming year.

***Editor’s note - just noticed Ottawa already got their wish. :grinning:


Keep Cottoy!!! Most underrated receiver but the one I most want to have when a big 2nd or 3rd down conversion is needed.


There was a time when it was possible to order season tickets in time for Christmas - my wife did it for me and my stepdaughter in 2011… but lately it’s all a Charlie Foxtrot. I pay good money for seats and I have no clue as to when the season starts. Bad enough you couldn’t get game stats for the current season on the normal channels… good thing I’m a lifetime member. This ain’t the biggest or first storm fans had to weather.

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