MMQB: Five 2023 breakout candidates

You can hear the 2023 season knocking on the door. We’re just over a month away from main training camps opening across the league. Rookie camps are slated to start exactly one month from today. Yep, we’re in full season prep mode now.

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Mitchell ran a 4.46 @ his NFL combine so he's got good speed. He'll benefit by having 2 other guys getting attention from opposing D's.
Easy to overlook Wall when you have Thurman & Judge there too. A young guy who has a very strong supporting cast in that front 7, arguably the best in the league.
The Lions had to trade Williams or lose him for nothing next free agency. Good trade for both clubs. I like Hladek a lot. LB seems to be the new CDN position. Every West team but Wpg employs a CDN @ WIL this year.
How good was Lanier? Robertson had 9 sacks, none when Lanier was out. AC had 3 sacks in 5 games before injury. When he got back, Lanier was gone. No more sacks. Easy to miss the disrupter on the bottom feeders. You missed maybe the biggest disrupter @ DT last year - Ceresna, who has quietly been VG for a while now. Ceresna 10 sacks, 31 DT's, 4 FF's. Compare to West MOP Lemon, a DE. 14 sacks 29 DT's, 5 FF's 2 FR. Not much to choose but Ceresna did it in 12 games. With Elks often in 3 man rushes. Back to Lanier. The Riders have a VG front 7 this year, no question.
Lots to look forward to. Nice talking points.

"Quietly" because Glen Suitors rarely praises Sask. players like he does players for certain other teams.

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Oops ! Glen Suitors should be Glen Suitor! Why do you bring up Glen Suitor when the Article is from Pat Steinberg. And I also believe if Rider Players stand out during a broadcast they would be mentioned. After all Glen Suitor was a Rider for a long time. I'm sure he still has some loyalty to the green & White. Maybe you missed his comments because last year the Riders did not fare too well in the regular season?

Glen Suitor is the biggest homer to ever sit on the panel of CFL he is good except when he goes on a topic through out the whole game. I have to say Dunnigan is losing his shine really beginning to be like Rod Black. Can not stand him.

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