MMQB: Corey Mace a perfect fit as Riders' HC

Corey Mace checks all the boxes.

Being head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders is a unique position. It’s the CFL’s version of coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs or New York Yankees. It’s the league’s most passionate market where football reigns supreme and it’s not just the city of Regina. It’s the entire province. There’s not another job quite like it in this league.

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How very English Canadian of you … the very most I would grant you is a Montreal/Toronto duality for hockey.

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:rofl: :rofl:

Torontonians putting the Leafs in the same category as the Yankees, in an article that isn’t even about hockey.

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I am super happy and excited for the Saskatchewan Roughrider organization!
They have gone out and found a great young coach who seems like a perfect fit for the province. It’s been something that’s been lacking for quite a few years now. The team has needed a stable head boss who the fans and players can trust to want to stay and build a championship team. The fact that Corey is going to move to the city of Regina,and that he is so personable with people is exactly what’s been missing in Sask.I can envision a whole new vibe out in Sask.

Well the Leafs haven’t won a Cup in over a half century & the Riders 4 in 110 years so there’s that. :grinning: I wish Mace all the success in the world but for some reason another ex-Stamp who couldn’t lose as a HC keeps creeping into my mind - Claybrooks.

Oliveira wants NFL but IMO he’ll be back. The Bombers will make him the highest paid RB in the CFL. Schoen’s agent has said they’re looking at $$$. With Lawler due a raise on his 250K in year 1, & Demski also due more $$ (175 K yr 1), you’re looking @ Lawler money to retain Schoen - close to 600K for 3 WR’s. That’s unaffordable IMO. Wpg had the highest payroll when last reported by the CFL & the $$$ don’t add up.

The Bombers will have to drop bags of salary to keep these guys. I’ll take the under on Schoen staying put.