MMQB: 4 burning questions to kickoff April

Happy April friends!

As we begin a new month, I have an important public service announcement: this is the final month without CFL football before training camps and the 2024 preseason get going. As April begins, we have a few important questions still to be answered as the off-season winds towards its conclusion.

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“Burning questions” right.

There are a lot of burning questions and I appreciate those offered here. I read somewhere that the Riders signed QB Jack Coan. If he can transition to the Canadian game, he could put the Riders in a really good position to compete for the West. The burning question will be, can he make the transition? The kid has a tonne of “want to” and just enough talent to be a solid pivot. Be interesting to see how the situation plays out. Another burning question is, does Collaros have enough left in his arm to will my Bombers into another solid year? Ooooo…another question: Was Montreal a one year wonder, or are they the really good team that put it altogether at the end of last season? I cannot wait for the season to start!


The Elks - will likely do what they have done every other year and pick the best player available with first pick.

All the players (excepting Morrow) may still be free agents for a reason. They want too much money, locker room problems, or performance stuff we don’t see as fans.

Morrow had a wrist problem when he did his physical in Calgary. I am sure they will welcome him if that heals. Problem is the wrist is the most complex joint in the body and has a bunch of small bones that are very uncomfortable when damaged and can take awhile to heal.


Avery Williams is a good player. He just became expendable once the Als acquired Darnell Sankey. I wonder if Hamilton might not be interested in Williams’s services, given that they seem to be rebuilding their LB corps.


Yeah, I can imagine all those guys (excepting Morrow) will get a call sooner or later…some during training camp, some when injuries happen…

With 4 picks in top 21, 6 in top 3, in a VG draft I would not be surprised if the Elks trade a pick. But I’m not sure it will be #1. This is a draft where I expect there may be a lot of movement.

typo - should read 6 in top 31. :grinning:

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