[b]OMGG…i think that PARIS JACKSON is the hottest player on the team…mmm (L)


Thought at first you were talking of Paris Hilton. LA’s town bicycle.

I wonder what gender parislover is! I was thinking Hilton too but now it's a guessing game.

haha no it means paris jackson
DEFINITELY not hilton

parislover - you give us football women a bad name....some of us actually go to watch the game, not the butts in the tight uniforms. There must be another place you can go to "gush", no? :roll:

Exactly, and I never said she "couldn't" say it here, I only offered that it wasn't appropriate. A little different than saying "rules" and "can't". "Shouldn't" and "stupid" - suggestions, not orders.

Let me put it to you this way, ro...I dish it out and I take it. And it doesn't bother me because freedom of speech (to me) means that you say what you want and I'll respond to it according to how I see fit. If I'd started speeling off to her about "not allowed" and "rules" then you'd have a point. I didn't do that...I used my way (sarcasm) to make MY point in response to her comment. And that was perfectly acceptable in freedom of speech.

Nah i dont think so, he's got to much of a pretty rich boy look to him. theres better looking players out there.

well debralynn8197, who said i dont watch the game? who said im only there to look at the "butts in tight uniforms".. did i say any of that? NOO i didnt. sooo thanks for your input?
and andy dobbs- haha your opinion is your own. and thats a prettty cool picture !

but you did say "mmmmmmm" and "hottest" and didn't manage to offer a single word about our win or the team...which all gives a pretty good indication of where you're at with the whole deal. So maybe myspace would've been a better venue to share your lust.

THat picture of paris jackson is currently my desktop, its a crazy pic.

haha yea i know eh?

and debralynn i have nothing more to say to you. you can think what you want, and i cant stop you. but hey, im not that fond of judgemental people.

Wow... whats wrong with showing a little bit of love for a good looking football player, debralynn8197?? Most men go to football games for the sport, but pay attention to the cheerleaders also... so what is the problem with the women who are watching the game also noticing the players?!?

I must say that is an awesome pic of Paris Jackson. I totally, like totally agree with Tania. Thank you! Lots of guys who go to the home games always look toward the cheerleaders(kinda, well a bit gross at times where i sit:P),so really what is the big difference between the women looking at the football players! Its like the same thing!I mean whats wrong with that! Well parisLOVER what do you think about Brent Johnson and Javier Glatt? :wink:

O.K., this will definitely be my last time wasted on this triviality because it really isn't that big of a deal.

My point was this: our team had just won a game that was under unusual circumstances to go 7-3 and they are currently leading the west. This was against a team who had fans that were trashing our team on our forum. During this game, there was speculation over whether Wally made the right call in putting Dave in. And this is all you (she) could come up with on the Lion's forum? MMMM, yummy bummy. Eat him up.

If she'd added any other perspective on the team, the game, etc., then her comment probably would've gone unnoticed by me. But that's all she could offer on a team that's giving us some thrilling performances (Johnson, Geroy - my two "guys") and leading the west?

Don't get me wrong, I'm as equally puzzled by the guys (like the ones who were annoying the hell out of us on Aug. 4) who have their backs turned to the field the entire (action packed) game to scope out the women in the stands....the only time they faced the field was when the Felions performed. Why not go to a bar, instead?

There's nothing wrong with making a comment about a "hot" player.....the "mmmm" was kinda' overkill and unnecessary (JMO) for me. And, just as there's nothing wrong with it, there's nothing wrong with me commenting on how ridiculously shallow it makes women seem in the football world, that's all. And I happen to be a woman who'd like to see that image smashed and show that we're more than just a bunch of groupies who go to scope out the players.

brent johnson and javier glatt = :thup:

I see what you're saying, that image should be smashed.

:wink: :thup: