MMMM Crow pie!!

Wicked game double blue, I was hoping for a closer game. NO Such luck, it makes me jealous to see so much motion in your backfield! Our OC I think is picking plays based of how neat the look, kinda like i did when i was 15 on madden !

That insult could get you thrown of this forum :lol:

The Bishop thing must have thrown him on that one.

Eat up, we'll enjoy watching this time as next it could be us.

Good on you for manning up though.

i think bomber fans are happpy enough right now to let the double blue thing pass :lol: your a good sport, i really do hope both hamilton and wpg make the playoffs, keep the west in the west... cheers

BAAHAHAHAHA Oh man, what a mistake! jezz sorry guys! Thats almost as bad as calling you leafs fans! I don’t think its Kelly who has done this for you overall! I think Bishop is the motivation this team needed not Mr potato head!

[quote="Cats_n_Pac" I don't think its Kelly who has done this for you overall! I think Bishop is the motivation this team needed not Mr potato head!
I agree with you! While it`s true I am totally in the tank for Bishop, this is exactly what I expected to happen! I expected Bishop to play just as he did. He is the leader of this team. But just wait for the next loss (it will come) and many here will call for Bishop to be benched. Monday Bishop had his best game of the season, his 3rd 300 yard + game btw, and some here still want to say he had a bad game.

Reminds me a lot of when Flutie went to Buffalo. Buffalo was fully prepared to go in to the 98 season with Flutie as their starter. Yes there was to be competition between the 3 of them in camp, Van Pelt and another guy, so it was a done deal Flutie would be the starter. But you know what happened, the sports media in Buffalo and even around the US, said what a joke it was bringing Flutie in to be the starter. They completely demonised him to the point that Buffalo management bought into it and went out and signed Rob Johnson for 25 million bucks.

We all know what happened, Flutie was AWESOME!!! Just like he never lost a step between the NFL/CFL... But you know, as great a season as he had in 98, on the Buffalo Bills forums there was a group of hard core fans that just hated him. Nothing he did pleased them, they just said what a joke. This was online only it was not the reality on the ground.

How many games can Winnipeg win in a row? Perhaps they will lose to BC on Sunday? I hope not, but you can be sure it will all be on Bishop if we lose.

Great Article

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paulpearson: Although I will agree Bishop had a great game, it is his inconsistancy that drives me crazy. The first pick in the end zone was simply a GREAT PLAY by the Hamilton defender, but that 2nd pick was thrown into double coverage - ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY! And his inability to protect the ball on the play he handed the cats a TD also drove me nuts.

He has great ability, but he also scares the hell out of me. It's not our defence that will lose games, it is Bishop that will mis-manage at the worse possible times. Luckily against the Cats, those problems occured when the game was pretty much out of reach! I don't think we will be so lucky agains MTL!

However - with all that said. I will agree he is our best hope for the year, and will even concede we should likely keep him for another year to help the younger QB's. He is a bonified starter, but I still need a pacemaker everytime he steps on the field :lol:

And one more thing: Your comparing this to Flutie in Buffalo? That will only be true if Bish gets us to the playoffs and they stick Lefors back in. Bish is getting his chance, and looks like a fair one!

Just my 2 cents.

On the Flutie Buffalo thing, I was mainly refering to the demonization of Flutie,comparing that to the demonization of Bishop. Also during Fluties great 1998 and 1999 seasons with Buffalo, as well as he played, there was a hard core of Flutie bashers, that just refused to concede that he was playing well. They would look for the negative, oh look, he had a pass batted down, hes to short , or theres another int...whatever. We have the same thing with Bishop here,people refusing to admit that Bishop is playing well etc, whether in the media or just CFL fans. That was the comparison I was refering to.