So I just did the math MLSE based on Money for Blue Jays and Raptors not including leafs and Toronto FC as they actually have Canadians that reside in Canada...171 million a year on Foreign Workers that take money out of the Canadian economy EVERY YEAR...That's a fact jack!!!! That is 3420 jobs that pays 50000 a year to people that want to stay in that's a story to share on social media....holy crap that is a tone on money out of Canada...


To be fair yes most of what the players receive does leave to wherever their hometown might be, but I assume they must pay some taxes up here on their huge salaries huge salary. This article talks about one Jays player last year who earned $13 million last year paid over $2 million in taxes up here. ... in-canada/

The players on those teams do spend half the year in condos they rent or own here and they do a fair bit of high end shopping while here. Plus because those major league teams are playing year round in Toronto there is a ton of restaurant, sports bars and other related business that thrive because of their presence.

Also in the case of the Raptors MLSE receives something like $30 million from their US TV contract - so that is money coming to MLSE from the USA that offsets some of that outflow of money you talk about.

As far as I am concerned, MLSE can go #$@% themselves!!!! I really hope Toronto City Hall will tell them that too!! No expansion for Argos at BMO, then no expansion period!!!

And they want to add 3 billion for a Not for long team & 500 million yearly afterward on salaries :thdn:

Who’s your daddy?


Who are you supporting? what is your agenda :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent post, just the $$$ facts

I repeat - huh?

Or would you prefer something like.... - Oh - damn! You've caught me. It is true MLSE pays me one dollar for every word i post about them on this forum because what they have me post on this forum on their behalf is a CRITICAL element of their plan to take over the world.

Get a grip man!

Agree to disagree, U.S. players playing for MLB, NBA, and the European Players in the NHL, take their millions back home with them!, and the same would occur for a NFL team in Toronto.

Hell ya they take the money away....just putting dollars to donuts for 2 teams in Toronto that have yet to have a Canadian...fact the money leaves and is gone forever hope this pisses some people off!!!! Blue jays have yet to develop any Canadians to play after 30 years really ...they are only baseball players for god sake not Doctors...we can produce doctors but no ball players for the blue jays the owners of the blue jays and raptors think very little of Canadians....yup I will say it and I hope it pisses people off (out of love)....they say bend over please....when I see a person warring a jays merchandise I chuckle because they are the kind of person that says hmmmm this doesn't hurt too much!!!! What I should do is walk around with lube and say hey buddy you might need this!!! just saying!

Umm - Canadian player current starting 3rd baseman (sometimes 2nd) Brett Lawrie might need to check his passport then and other Caanadians that have played for the Jays over the years like Paul Quantrill, Dave Mackay, Paul Hodgson. Rob Ducey, Vince Horseman, Denis Boucher, Rob Butler, Paul Spoljaric, Steve Sinclair, Steven Pond, Corie Koskie, Matt Stairs, Scott Richmond, Shawn Hill, Adam Loewen And the various clinics the Jays have run across the country have helped identify and develop more good Canadian ball players - so now there are more Canadians in MLB who get paid millions and some of that money ends up in Canada.

Same with the Raptors. Their outreach into the Toronto community and the player and coaching clinics they have run have helped make Toronto one of the best places in North America right now for the development of excellent high school basketball players who are getting recruited like crazy by NCAA schools. There was a Canadian taken as the very first choice in last year's NBA draft and perhaps as many as three Canadians will be chosen in the first round of this year's NBA draft. That would not be happening were it not for the presence of the Raptors and how they have helped with player development through outreach into the community in Toronto and some of the professional coaching clinics they have been involved with.

But what about all the foreign workers that are doing the jobs that Canadians won't do. Like all of them farm workers in Southern Ontario? that's been going on for years. They can't get Canadians to do them jobs. They have picked out a couple of problem cases with the foreign worker deal but overall it's worked out good for this country.

As for the Jays, Raptors etc theses guys are paid millions of dollars and they MUST pay Canadian income tax!! that is a heck of a lot of money going into the economy. I don't think you can find a Canadian to them jobs either.
If you are a Jay you spend more time living in Canada than you do outside - 7 month season?
Aren't the majority of CFL players imports??? the best players are imports?

Seems to be a trend on these boards that to be a CFL fan or a real Canadian you have to vent about other leagues that have a lot of foreign players.
Like it or not there are a lot of Jays and Raptors fans out there. So don't start blaming their fans, their players or their owners, blame Torontonians that don't support the Argos and the CFL.

Well I disagree with you. They are taxed at source, and if they play in Ontario they are taxed a heck of a lot.
Not only do they pay a much higher tax rate in Canada than they do in the US or Europe, they pay a surtax on income over $500,000 in Ontario and the Liberal government is proposing a further surtax on incomes over $250k.
Most of these players have to live here and they do buy expensive condos and houses, pay property tax, HST etc
They had a feature on one of the Raptors multi million dollar penthouse, I'm sure his property tax is sky high too.

The fact is you do NOT know if they take millions with them it's just your opinion. You don't even know if some of the NHL European players or the Raptor players live here full time.
It's no different to the CFL players that are imports that live here in the summer pay taxes here too. We don't know how many stay here year round.
Who knows how many Canadian CFL players only live here in the summer/fall and then live down south in the winter.

This is an interesting debate... I think that any sport league would want to have the best players they can get. Americans dominate in baseball, football and basketball, so it makes sense to have many of those guys on the Jays, Argos and Raptors. What I can't get my head around is why we want so many European hockey players when we know Canadians are the best hockey players,bar none. I can watch Bobby from Sudbury screw up a play as easily as I can watch Ivan from Minsk do the same.

I am really not sure what the actual point of this thread is. In other words, we have been given the "facts" but how are they to be interpreted. I mean, the FACT that a house has an operating toilet means something different depending upon context. If it's a mansion then what's the problem with the plumbing. If it's a shack in the woods then the owner is pretty resourceful. You get my drift. The FACT doesn't mean anything without context and interpretation. Most of what's in our discussion seems to be about interpretation but we haven't laid down any ground rules.

Is the interpretation to be that the benefits - whatever they are - of having foreign players playing on teams in Canada outweighs the loss of potential revenues (through some taxes, living costs, etc.) from players who maintain a second home in their country of origin?

If so, let's have someone draw up a chart to do the cost-benefit analysis.

I can give it a start but others should contribute:


  1. Not all tax revenues and monies paid for living costs remain in Canada.(Need to cost this out.)
  2. There may be some loss of national pride or identity by not having all-Canadian players. (This is a debatable position.)


  1. We have some major league teams here to watch/enjoy that we wouldn't have if we set up trade barriers.
  • These teams bring in a higher revenue stream because of their status. (Need to fact check this.)
  • There may be national pride in seeing Canadian players compete with the world's best and having Canadian teams in a major league team. (This is a debatable position.)

Okay.... let's get this discussion on a rational basis, shall we?

Sorry Mark, I didn't think my comment was that crappy. :slight_smile:

Dan - I agree there are more good Canadian hockey players than from any other country - but it is not like the top 200 players are all from Canada. There are no residency requirements on who NHL teams draft or sign. Theoretically NHL teams draft and/or sign the best free agents - no matter where they are from and apparently according to the 'experts' - the scouts and GM's doing the drafting - there are that many good European and American players playing hockey these days because they are making the rosters of NHL teams.

Same thing is happening albeit at a bit of a slower pace in MLB and the NBA where the percentage of non-Americans increases in those leagues as in the case of MLB more and more Japanese, Canadian, Australian and Latin American players are making the cut - and players from all over the world Europe, South America, Canada and Asia make inroads into NBA rosters because there are more and more great players coming from places other than the USA.

Neither did I. Many of the comments were arguing issues surrounding the topic but the original poster didn't really give us a foundational argument so that we could all discuss the same topic. Sometimes that just bothers me. I dunno'.... I'm just weird.

I hear you, Mark.