MLSE to buy the Toronto Argonauts

TORONTO — Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which already owns the Maple Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC, is adding the CFL's Argonauts to its portfolio.
MLSE announced Wednesday it has an agreement to buy the Grey Cup champions.

There was already some cross-ownership. MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum's holding company, the Kilmer Group, jointly owned the Argonauts with Bell Canada.
Plus the Argos play at MLSE-operated BMO Field, home to the newly crowned MLS champion Toronto FC.
"Under its current ownership, a transformed Argonauts football club enhanced its presence and fan base in Canada's largest sports market and ultimately marched to the CFL championship," MLSE president and CEO Michael Friisdahl said in a statement. "We look forward to building on the Argos' strong momentum as we welcome the team to the leading provider of sports and entertainment experiences in Canada."
The sale is expected to close in January 2018, according to MLSE.
Approval from the CFL board of governors would not seem to be a problem
"On the heels of a stunning Grey Cup showdown with the Calgary Stampeders that highlighted the sheer excitement of Canadian football, we're thrilled that the Argonauts will be joining the MLSE roster," CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie, said in a statement. "We welcome MLSE to the CFL and look forward to working with them to further enhance the experience for Canadian football fans."

Very good news for the stability of the team and the CFL!

I hope Rogers wants to fire Trestman and Popp. ;D

Probably, usually whatever Rogers touches goes down down down...just look at the Blue Jays, or their Bills fiasco.

But seriously, I think Rogers will sell the blue jays and are now on board with the Argos. Wonder if they will demand airing some Argo games on Sportsnet?

Maybe the Fan 590 will be worth tuning into again.

Do you remember the state of the Blue Jays and Rogers Centre before the Jays bought them?

Payroll - $46m (22nd in MLB)
Attendance - 1.7m (10/14 in AL)

Payroll - $158m (10th in MLB)
Attendance - 3.3m (1/14 in AL)

But don’t let me throw facts in the way of a good Rogers bashing.

Not sure what all the Rogers bashing is about with respect to the CFL (Argos) , Blue Jays, etc.
Since 2012 when the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan sold its ownership stake

MLSE IS 37.5 % Rogers
37.5%. Bell Media (BCE)
25%. Tannenbaum (I think)

Having the Argos as part of this group should now help with Sportsnet coverage of the CFL. In fact I’ve noticed more coverage lately. The other day on 590 the guest was Scott Mitchell and he was directly asked about June Jones re-signing, Manziel, Collaros,Kent Austin, etc. No easy questions thrown at him and of course only some directly answered.

MLSE ownership of the Argos is a good thing.

Seems to be a good thing on paper...very odd owner ship in Toronto. Would appear Rogers is getting ready to sell the Jays to......itself, under MLSE ownership. Essentially bringing Bell into the fold.

A little off topic, but I have to wonder on a Hamilton sports fourm, if all of this co-operation between Bell and Rogers could eventually lead to them allowing Hamilton into the NHL. More NHL content under their control you would think would be appealing to them. With MLSE now entrenched with with TSN who sponsers the CFL of which the Ticats are big players. The dots are there to be connected.

Maybe Caretaker could be a part-owner? I'd certainly prefer that over a soccer team...just sayin.

And exactly how long did it take the blue jays to make the playoffs after 2000… and they won what… certainly not a championship. That is a fact!
But then again championships not matter much to a lot of cats fans.

Point is they are a much better owner than Interbrew was. They’ve renovated the stadium and are about to do it again, and the figures above reflect their commitment to trying to win. It’s not easy to win in baseball and the Jays aren’t the Yankees.

Would you rather them be the Expos? Or the Marlins?

At bear minimum I expected the bjs to make the playoffs, a few times in the first 10 years of Rogers ownership and actually make the world series by now. They stunk for 14 years after Rogers bought them, excited people for a couple years, then were terrible again. Terrible is terrible no matter how you slice it.
(Gee that sounds so much like the cats......)

What's important is MLSE knows how to run a profitable sports team. With their marketing behind the Argos they will have the best chance since Gretzky was involved. All this cross-promotion they're doing is great - Mitch Marner goes to Argo games now and they're showing off the Grey Cup at Raptors and Leafs games. Maybe the Argos and TFC can finally play nice now.

Great move for the Blue Team. Now let's hope TFC changes it's lousy attitude towards the Blue team.