MLSE owns Als too (unverified rumour)

I read where MLSE not only owns Argos but also Als.

I have not read that at all. Not sure that’s correct. I will check on it.

no, they want to own the als INSTEAD of the argos

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I believe the two owners are fwb.

And you read this pack of lies where?

I read it right here on this site posted by the long standing HFXTC more than once.

Really? I musta missed them

Please source these things - at least the URL to a Twitter tweet if not a link to an article from a reputable source. I'm closing this as completely unsourced/unverified.

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Since the original thread just got locked before I had time to participate, permit me to say this:

  1. Yes, ro1313, you must have missed it. HfxTC had posted that "information" on numerous occasions.

  2. Everyman, I was going to post that I know where you saw that tidbit, but you have already revealed it. Good on you for not asking him for a source, he gets quite offended when you do that and usually responds with insults.

  3. And to prove that point, he just did. . . called Sheldon a "rodent" for not accepting whatever he says as Truth in the training camp thread.