MLSE owning the Argonauts at some point?

Read the following on the CANOE site this morning with regards to the soccer stadium thing. Interesting comments, especially about MLSE maybe looking at owning the Argo's.:

An important feature, perhaps a lookahead to the day a few years from now when the Argonauts want out of the Rogers Centre, is that the stadium will be constructed in a way that 10,000 seats could be added at a later date. It is entirely likely that, if the Argos ever come up for sale, MLSEL will be among the suitors.

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Once again Toronto thinks they are American and better than the rest of Canada.
Soccer Canada(Canadian Government) is putting all it's eggs in one basket in supporting Toronto's bid for a new stadium and supporting Toronto joining Major League Soccer and screwing the rest of Canada (where soccer really is booming)
The Montreal Impact owner Joey Saputo is now reconsidering whether to build a new soccer stadium for Montreal because The league will probably have to fold with Toronto joining MLS and the Toronto Lynx would become history. The Vancouver Whitecaps are also furious.
So the Canadian Government would be supporting the destruction of Professional Soccer in Canada by supporting the Toronto bids exclusively. And where in Canada is soccer flourishing and booming (just about everywhere, except Toronto!!!!!)

It is almost the exact samer thing that Toronto and Godfrey are trying to do by bringing and NFL team to Toronto and destroying Professional Football in the rest of Canada!!

Get it over with and become the 51rst state so the rest of us can have some stability and maybe peace.

I don't think you understand the Toronto situation Als_Molson. Right now, Rogers and MLSE and in a battle for control of the sports entertainment landscape in Toronto, you snooze, you loose sort of thing. Did anyone care about the Argos and CFL back in the 70's or 80's, can't remember, when whoever started the Blue Jays that the Blue Jays and Argos would be competing for the sports entertainment dollar of the fans in the summer? No. You can't be Mr. Nice Guy in business. MLSE sees an opportunity here with a maybe? up and comping sport like soccer and if it makes sense at some point to tack on the Argos, well, so be it. This is a Toronto business quarrel, I wouldn't take it to be anything else. It is not a Toronto based business to worry about another company like the Saputo's in Montreal or Greg Kerfoot in Vancouver, that's their problems.

Like I say, you snooze, you lose. And remember, Rogers is a very, very aggresive company, if MLSE doesn't jump, Rogers could.

AlsM you are right on. The very same thoughts that I have been mentioning previuosly and guess what, I am ashamed to say how I live in the self proffesed "Center of the Universe". Some of us who know better, feel bad for the rest of the country because of this belief and which is complete crap how we are a "World Class City".

Earl, basically you and Toronto can go to hell!
And it's not just a Toronto business decision, it's a decision that involves Soccer Canada (Canadian Government money) and it destroys professional sports in the 75% of the Country.

Piss Off To.

It's ALMOST enough to make a STAUNCH FEDERALIST and strong supporter of Canada into a Quebec Nationalist!

But nothing is that bad!

Als_Molson, I don't even live in Toronto, I live in Hamilton and Christ, I love Quebec, my first wife was French from Gaspesie and I have only fond memories of going to the Gaspe coast and meeting great people there.

I think what you are saying is that companies in Canada should have respect for sports as culture and that. And I agree with you, to a certain extent. The worst thing that happened was the arrival of the Expos and then the Blue Jays. Both of these teams took away a lot from the CFL in the summer and it almost cost the CFL to go under. Both Montreal and Toronto had the "major leagues of baseball" and who gives a crap about the lowly CFL, as some would say. I went to Jarry Park and the Big O for some Expos games but am glad, in a way the Expos are gone and hopefully the Jays will go south one day. I want the CFL to succeed everywhere and it is easier without MLB in these cities.

Don't make me out to be a bad guy, I'm not. I love the CFL more than any other league. All I'm trying to say is that pro sports is, to a large extent, a business enterprise and it can be cutthroat, just the way it is. I didn't create the capitalist system, Christ, I'm 50 years old and still paying off a mortgage for a small 3 bedroom bungalow in a not so great part of Hamilton. Living paycheck to paycheck with a line of credit.

My Brother and Mother are active Socialists and hate the Capitalistic society that rewards only the big and rich (I guess now I understand why they hate it, but on a much bigger scale).
Anyway Earl, everything Toronto does has consequences for ther rest of us, some good, some bad and selfishly right or wrong they don't care about the rest of us, which is ok I guess, but if the Canadian Governement is helping them and hurting the rest of us, then that is different.

Good luck on your bills and Mortgage, like, most of the rest of us, and I will direct my anger to the Canadian Government, Soccer Canada, Toronto and Godfrey etc.

Right on man! And I completely agree with Toronto and the consequences thing as you mention.

If this bit of blasphemy comes true, and the Leafs do end up owning the Argos, I would seriously consider switching my allegiance to the Ti-Cats. Mostly because MLSE, albeit a big money maker, can't run a proven winner.

The Raptors are a total joke. The Leafs haven't been in the Staney Cup final, let alone win the bloody thing, in almost four decades. This proposed MLS team will be a preverbial bottom feeder for years until they fold due to "lack of interest".

If these boneheads can't produce a proven championship franchise year in and year out, you might as well go the route of the antiChrist and bring the No Fun League up here.

Mongo, to play the devils advocate for a second, I ask you one thing: if MLSE is so bad at running sports franchises like you suggest they do, why then do people flock to "Leaf Nation" in unheard of numbers and support the Leafs like they do under MLSE's leadership? Are they not doing something right to be as successful financially with the Leafs are they are, or is this just luck of some sort?

they own a team whcih has 100 years of history in the matter how they run that team, people will always come....its what you call a CASH-COW

MLSE is a pure unadulterated greed oriented private corporation backed by
the wealthiest pension fund in Canada, the Ontario Teachers Federation. Neither their operation of the Leafs and blackmail running in combination with the Raptors has anything to do with Canadian or Maple Leaf pride. From what I have read about this latest soccer stadium deal, when combined with the Ricoh Centre and soon to be new arena in neighboring Oshawa, the various level of government have been hoodwinked big time by legalized conmen.

The only theory I can have behind that is because the Toronto sports fan and media are sheep. They continue to support a team (the Leafs) who hasn't won a championship in years and its management company's only concern is fattening the profits for its shareholders (read: Ontario Teacher's Pension Fund) instead of bringing a championship to the city. Yet, the blind sports fan continues to support the crap lineups they field; all the while claiming "this is our year" (sound familiar, Rider fans?)

I guess that THE LEAFS , have money to burn? :roll:

  1. Why would the ARGOS be for sale? They are doing quite well. :smiley:

  2. I guess THE LEAFS , can afford a new stadium , an NFL team , the RAPTORS , and the ARGOS on top of that? :roll:

  3. TORONTO , does have a soccer CHAMPOINSHIP coming here in 2007 , but NO stadium. :wink:

  4. It is not FAIR to blame a WHOLE CITY , for the actions of an obnoxious FEW. :wink:

Well , it looks like that NO , NFL team is coming here after all. WELL DUH! :roll:

Certain members of the TORONTO MEDIA are really stupid and will print the most stupid stories that have no chance of happening.

People that are mad should write both the SUN and the STAR , because complaining here , is fun , but actually does 0 :wink: :smiley:

Just to confirm my total hatred and disdain for Maple Leaf sports and show how much class they have, they announced that they will bid against the Montreal Canadiens for the 2009 World Junior Championships on the 100th Anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club. The greatest Hockey club in History!

Now I have no doubt that the games will awarded to Montreal, along with the 2009 entry draft and All Star game, but MLSE once again shows what scum they are!

MAPLE LEAFS SPORTS , are a bunch of jerks. And unfortunitly , they are made rich by really dumb LEAF FANS , who fill the A.C.C. every year with 0 chance of winning anything. As I have written before , they are more like quite , BALLARDS.

And you are right , going for those JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS in that year , shows an incredible LACK of class.

But CLASS , has never been what these embarrasments have been about.

" WORLD CLASS CITY " my butt......I would call these people " WORLD CLASS , A......S "

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: MLSE :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

WELL DONE!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It is very unfortunate that everything in sports is becoming so cutthroat and classless, just seems money is ruling everything now. I don't know what can be done though.


write letters. I have. But 1 is not enough.