MLSE may not be interested in the Argos after all...

MLSE are giving off mixed signals regarding the purchase of the Argos.
A couple months ago, CEO Leiweke stated they are looking at the possibility of adding the Argos to the MLSE sports properties, including a retrofit of BMO to accommodate the club, yet now says this...

[b]Describing the TFC soccer team as a mess, Leiweke took a shot at former MLSE regimes, claiming they were full of "excuses."

Leiweke plans to change that culture. And, in doing so, he is optimistic that a Toronto- based NFL franchise will become reality within a decade.[/b]

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whats the odds of either of these.. Hamilton getting a NHL team or Toronto getting an NFL team not named the Bills

edit. if MLSE did buy the Arblos at least we wouldn't have to worry about them ever winning a Grey Cup again..

I guess they have really paid attention to how well the Toronto bills series has done!! They'll pay even less attention to the argos, if they ever buy them.....

This is all good news. Did not trust them to own the Argos or sit on the BOG of the league and I'm really not concerned with Toronto getting an NFL franchise.

You can see how saying that helps him keep his job :wink:

I thought that would be the only chance for the Argos, the only buyer that would be interested and the only buyer that could afford to contribute towards a new stadium.

They would be if their motives were honorable. But you can’t as an organization take a baseball bat to the knees of the Argos every chance you get and then claim your interested in owning them. I just hope Braley isn’t bluffing.

the previous argos owners also wanted to build a new stadium.
that didn't turn out very well.
hopefully Brailey has more luck.


then what was the motivation for MLSE/Leiweke to openly state interest in the Argos a couple months back?

I had presumed it was to help secure public funding for BMO upgrades, although am currently baffled since he is now advocating for a Toronto NFL franchise within 10 years.

I don't get it.
(perhaps that's my problem :expressionless: )

I think he just likes to talk. He is a Californian :smiley:

Perhaps Brailey stated his intentions to build his own stadium and turned down MLSE's offer to move into BMO.
That makes the argos an enemy again, and now they shall resume their empty threats of bringing an NFL team to toronto.

Its tactically brilliant. Does not cost them a dime. Rogers is picking up the loss on the Bills Series and MLSE does not spend a penny getting headlines that create doubt but mainly attempt to devalue the Argos and the CFL.

in other words....same old, same old.

Obviously MLSE interest in the Argos was to some how weezle public funding to upgrade BMO.
In the fall out since the statement TFC fans in an uproar, Toronto clearly not going to pay for any BMO upgrades, Braley not trusting the MLSE as far as he can through them etc.
Thinking anyone would fall for that charade was laughable.

I was never a fan of the Argo's being 2nd class tenants in a soccer stadium. They need their own home. Thats a given. Over to you Braley.

Not only will they not pay for them it is likely that they will not allow any "upgrades" that makes this facility even less multi-use.

I guess there are doubters that braley can get it done do to the recent past experiences with BMO and Varsity but this certainly has a different feel to it. It is out of downtown Toronto where there is no land development projects that can even be put together. It is in a modern area where there are land development projects out there that nee someone to tie them together with Provinciat govt, Municiple govt, and private funders all of which Braley has connections and is in a position to lead such a project. Markham for example is home to several multi national corporations Canadian HQ that have moved there over the past few decades do to the tax break they received from the Municipalities. York Area has over 1.2 million in population which is much bigger than either HRM or Quebec city as well as the current Hamilton so it is an are and a part of the GTA that has a lot of potential.

Like to talk, agree Hf. And that's his job. What's he going to say, wow, we really want to own the Argos. No, he was brought here, er there in Toronto, to make TFC "big", and make the Raps sellout like the Leafs. All big stuff so it has to be NFL talk for football even if it's very hollow talk. Mind you, MLSE might be trying to get in on the NFL game I mean an over $100 mill reno for BMO isn't just for a non "major" league soccer team (MLS is not major IMHO). MLSE and Rogers are competitors over the "bigs". Argos are just not in the cards for with these 2 companies and at least now it's becoming more apparent MLSE doesn't care about hosting Grey Cups, or Rogers. For football, it'll be all about the NFL. Or Braley said not interested MLSE, thanks but no thanks, we are going our own way. And Leiewke peeved off at that, therefore the hollow NFL talk. Who knows. Could be the case. As I say, been to Vaughan and Mississauga, some gorgeous rural parts to these areas along with some big development and land to develop, unlike downtown Toronto. Grey Cup in Vaughan or MIssissauga, well, I'm certainly liking this idea as well as going to some Argo games from Hamilton in a football specific stadium. Also, soccer in such a stadium could rival TFC if BMO doesn't get a big time upgrade.

Which I agree, is a good thing, now Braley and Rudge can really concentrate on a football specific stadium in Vaughan or Mississauga etc. whatever works. And if it doesn't work, well, it's been nice knowing you Argos and Canadian football and Grey Cups in Toronto, it's over. Well, Vanier Cups and Canadian university will still be there of course.

It is no surprise to me. Braley has always been very discreet in his business dealings and generous donations. Nobody knew he financed the sale of the Argos to Cinamon and his friend till years later when it was likely leaked by the unhappy owners. Same with his negotiations with Buono or his appointment to the Senate.

If you look at his record he's a pixie dust salesman.