MLSE Leiweke says NFL in Toronto a reality within 10 years

[b]Describing the TFC soccer team as a mess, Leiweke took a shot at former MLSE regimes, claiming they were full of "excuses."

Leiweke plans to change that culture. And, in doing so, he is optimistic that a Toronto- based NFL franchise will become reality within a decade.[/b]

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Won’t happen as much as Mlse want to keep the dream alive the Nfl won’t be coming to Toronto.

When the NFL decides it wants to come to Toronto it will come to Toronto. Right now the NFL must look at Toronto and see a championship team in a huge market that only draws luke warm support at best. They likely are not seeing Toronto as ready for prime time.

If i am the Nfl i would not be looking at Toronto as my first choice Montreal would be up there and maybe even Sask.

I could see the NFL in Montreal being a success as the Montreal Machine of the WLAF (a development league of the NFL) had excellent support during the league's short tenure in the early 90's, averaging approx 32,000 per game.

IMO, Saskatchewan fans may be apprehensive supporting American football, especially after the demise of the beloved CFL Riders.

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Good one.

If your a league are your going to a market that really is a weak football market or do you go into a strong market most would avoid the weaker market.

Seriously, there is zero chance of an NFL team in Saskatchewan. The largest, richest, most powerful league in North America, if not the world, is not putting a team in an area with that small a population base, no wealthy corporations, no presence in U.S. culture (most Americans can't even pronounce Saskatchewan), no impact on TV ratings for the networks paying billions of dollars, no direct flights from almost anywhere, etc. Sask is a great CFL market but no one in their right mind would think it could ever be an NFL market. Even a city as massive and American-seeming as Toronto is not high on the NFL's radar.

Agreed, many people compare football mad Green Bay with Football mad Regina. Unfortunately the comparison begins and ends there.

The smallest NFL Stadium is 53,000 seats, Lambeau holds just over 80,000. Mosaic at 32,000 wouldn't even be considered and even if you built a large enough stadium, the term, "if you build it they will come", only applies to movies or books.

The population of Regina metro area is 210,000 compared to 306,000 in Green Bay. We hear often about the great fans from Saskatoon (no disrespect, I mean great fans) supporting the Riders. The Packers are supported by fans in Milwaukee which has a metro base of 1,600,000 and is less than two hours from Green Bay.

I will go on record as stating that if Regina or Saskatchewan ever gets an NFL team, I will change my entire wardrobe to green (with no gold) and change my name to Piffles. I already drink Pil so that part would be no problem.

Green Bay is in the NFL for one reason – because it got in during the 1930s when pro football was an after-thought. If Green Bay was not already an established franchise, there is no chance the NFL would ever expand into that market. Everyone loves the Packers, but that’s based on decades of history that has shown the charming little Green Bay market to be a complete anomaly.

Probably right but not relevant. All I said was that the comparison of Green Bay and Regina ends at their enthusiasm.

Oh many times do we have to keep hearing this? :roll: :roll: ...Would make for a pretty good drinking game though :wink:

I don't know where you said it but I don't think it was in this thread. I was replying to reidjr2016 and then to cflseskfan.

I don't know where you said it but I don't think it was in this thread. I was replying to reidjr2016 and then to cflseskfan.[

I hate auto correct posted on my phone, should read, all it said was that the comparison of Green bay and Regina ends at their enthusiasm.

Saying that Regina is in any way shape or form in line for an NFL teams is absolutely ridiculous.

The population of Green Bay 104,000 while Regina 198,000 then you factor in wealth/jobs etc Regina is in very good shape.

Not good shape to have a NFL franchise

now factor in the population within 2 hrs drive to each stadium.

Also factor in that Green Bays Metro population is about 100,000 more that Regina and like FYB suggests with 3.5 million people within a 2 hour drive, there is no comparison.

Regina is the least likely CFL city to even remotely being considered by the NFL. Regina has no chance and never will.

If Buffalo moves to LA maybe but with all the money they are spending on renos to The Ralph, I doubt the Bills will move and as long as the Bills are in Buffalo, that is it for the WNY-Niagara-greater GTA area.

Same CRAP, from a different pile!!!!!!! I will become a Billionaire when Toronto gets a NFL team!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
This from a man who tried and failed miserably to get a franchise in L.A.!!!