MLSE Interested in the Argos: Say it isn't so please!

Well here it is it was inevitable, MLSE kicking tires at buying the Argos.
For me anyway this would be the worse possible, a faceless corporation owning the Argos.
Hell look what they have done by ruining TFC, the Leafs and Raptors.
Everything they touch turns to stone on the field that is.

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Maybe the Argos winning touch from last year will help their other teams though. :wink:

This might be the best option for the team to get a CFL specific stadium. Downsview Park could work. Transit is there room for parking (tailgating). Can help eliminate Tuesday night games.

You have to know this corporation, they do not spend their own money, perfect example at BMO field, all built(poorly as well) by taxpayers.

I do know them I didn't say they'd pay for it. They know how to strong arm the city/province etc. They'll steal our money to get things built. BMO field was such a farse. It was suppose to be a city field that all types of groups can use. What do they do they decide to upgrade Lamport and a fraction of the cost of BMO so they can basically have the field for themselves. They are about the $$ and they know that if they build something have control over the concessions and parking they get a decent return.

ArgoT, what about Rogers, getting a $500 mill stadium for $25 mill. No corporation wants to spend their own money if they don't have to, I can appreciate that. It's just business as they say. MLSE has a lot of clout being a major owner of the Leafs. When they speak, the Mayor and everyone else in Toronto listens. They have to.

there isn't much more than speculation to this article.
no facts to go on.
no names of these 'executives'.
seems totally made up.

sounds like cflsteve wrote this piece.

Earl, these corporations are all crooks.
Big profits and working with other peoples money.

Except how Mr. Braley is getting on and this is not the first time we have heard he wants to sell one or both teams.

I was also going to post another topic, but here it goes.
While driving to the game yesterday on the Argos broadcast Team 1050, there was an exclusive saying how the team was very close to signing a new 5 year lease at the crapdome.
Don't know how this may play into this situation.

But BMO field got done. MLSE isn’t known for on-field success, but they’re VERY good at the other half of managing a team (dealing with govenrment, promotion, etc).

Considering the clout that MLSE has in the market and the media pull, there’s a lot of potential upside. It depends on if they’re serious about pushing the team to make money with it.

MLSE will do whatever it takes to put butts in the seats. The Leafs are as pathetic as they are because the place is virtually sold out from season tickets. If the ACC was at half capacity they would put money into the team, but they don't have to. I'm no fan of MLSE, but when you compare the money needed to put the Argos in their own stadium and put a competitive team on the field to what it costs just to put perrenial basement dwellers on the ice and court the Argo are tob the Raptors/Leafs what a Lada is to a Lambourghini.

Well said dc. Also it puts MLSE in the drivers seat with respect to an "NFL stadium" and have the best gridiron stadium, in control of, in the country. You don't think there is some jealousy right now in Toronto with a city like Winnipeg for example having what they have gridiron wise? I think there is.

This "story" makes little sense. MLSE wants to buy the Argos and build them up into a tremendous success to show the NFL they can make a "football product" viable? The Riders are the most tremendous marketing success in CFL history, so is the NFL looking at Regina too? The fact is the CFL has nothing to do with the NFL and I doubt they barely know the CFL exists let alone are monitoring its success.

I also don't follow how MLSE buying the Argos "helps prevent" the NFL looking like the bad guy if the CFL suffers? How could the CFL media interest be any lower than it is now in Toronto?

It probably does make sense for MLSE to buy the Argos and co-market it with their hockey team, like they've done in Calgary and soon Ottawa...because CFL teams make money, especially with the huge new TV contract starting next season. But this has nothing to do with the NFL other than a pipe dream. :roll:

except everything Brailey has done says otherwise;
still owns the Lions, despite having offers on the table if he wanted to sell.
is currently looking to fund and build the argos a new stadium.

doesn't seem like he's in a hurry to sell either team.
actions speak louder than baseless media speculation.

If MLSE buy the Argos it will have nothing to do with the NFL. You're confusing them with Rogers. And the NFL is very aware of CFL, the two leagues have been cooperating with player movement for years. I think the NFL would be upset to see the CFL gone as it does have some benifits for the NFL yet is absolutely no competition.

As for the NFL part of this article:

First off, the NFL does not allow Corporate ownership. Second, the TV market in Toronto is way too small for the NFL. That is, the American broadcasters have no way of measuring ratings on the Canadian side. Third, the CRTC does not allow American Ads on Canadian TV. American sponsors will not pay for ad space if a Canadian team was in the mix.

Third, the NFL never has and never will have any interest in putting a team in Toronto, this talk has been going on since the 70's.

dcmoses wrote: If MLSE buy the Argos it will have nothing to do with the NFL. You're confusing them with Rogers. And the NFL is very aware of CFL, the two leagues have been cooperating with player movement for years. I think the NFL would be upset to see the CFL gone as it does have some benifits for the NFL [u]yet is absolutely no competition[/u].
I wouldn't go so far as to say the CFL is absolutely no competition to the NFL.

yes, clearly the CFL pales in comparison to the almighty NFL both in terms of revenues and attendance.
No question.
that being said, as with all corporations and business entities, the objective is growth/expansion of brand and revenue regardless of market share position or competition size.

this is why the NFL continually promotes its brand in Canada via media broadcasts, advertising, player seminars, meet-and-greets, network affiliations, retail merchandise, digital games, etc etc etc

Companies with small market share are swallowed by larger counterparts all the time for the purposes of growth and elimination of potential threats down the road.
This is not to say with certainty the NFL will eliminate the CFL, although with a greater fanbase in Canada, the NFL gains a much greater foothold to expand into the larger Canadian markets, hence irreparable damage to our game.

To believe the NFL would not wish to have 100% of the gridiron market share in all of North America dabbles in the naivete.

I think what it comes down to is Bell is tired of Rogers taking pot shots at the Argos and Rogers is perhaps realizing the NFL in Toronto is a pipe dream, and realizes that they will lose an easy revenue stream if the Argos do move out of the Rogers Centre so better to get on board with the CFL.

There's no question that the Argos don't currently have a huge price tag on them, and realisitically if you turned the team around into even a 25,000 a game franchise, you would be making solid cash. Given the marketing machine that MLSE has at their dissposal, this is likely. That and there is something to be said for cornering the market in TO.

American broadcasters don't care about ratings on the Canadian side - they care about ratings within the USA because that is where they operate and the audience their advertizers care about. Similarly, there is no need or use for American ads on Canadian TV; the Canadian broadcast rights holders care about Canadian advertizers on Canadian TV broadcasts of NFL games whether they involve a Canadian team or not. The NFL already has broadcast rights within Canada sorted out, the only change a Canadian-based NFL team would bring is increased value for TV rights WITHIN Canada and possibly how a Canadian team against the rest of the US-based teams impacts ratings WITHIN the USA.